Survival Backpacking

Posted by: nate99

Survival Backpacking - 07/29/14 08:10 PM

If you take a deep look into yourself you can always find that wild part of you that is nagging ever so quietly about the what ifs and what are you gonna do if... So im taking that into perspective and doing an overnighter in the indian peaks area. Armed with only my old BSA hatchet, penknife, cord, and flint'n steel, i'm going to take what I think i know and take on the night. Wish me luck!
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: Survival Backpacking - 07/30/14 12:29 AM

Sounds like fun, though at my age it isn't really much of a challenge I think it's a good thing for those who've never done something like it.

There's really nothing to be scared of and you'll learn a few truths. If you're not bringing any food or water and have no water sources you'll learn you get thirsty and hungry, it sucks being cold, sucks even more being wet too, rabbits are a lot harder to find when you want to roast them, and hot coffee in the morning is a wonderful thing.

The most important thing you'll learn is how to be mentally comfortable by yourself out there, and that's why this can be a good thing, but do be careful. wink

Posted by: dylansdad77

Re: Survival Backpacking - 07/30/14 03:42 PM

I have some of those same thoughts...with the survival skills I have picked up over the years, I want to challenge myself as well. Kinda like a poor man's Les Stroud. Of course my wife thinks I am (expletive) nuts, I see nothing wrong with pitting yourself against nature with little more than a few essential tools and your wits. Wishing you the best of luck...
Posted by: finallyME

Re: Survival Backpacking - 07/31/14 05:16 PM

"Survival Backpacking"??? sorry, I am calling that out. There is no such are either backpacking, or you are survival camping. You can't do both. Practicing survival, or even bushcraft, require making a shelter with natural materials, and collecting food. These two activities require time. A lot of time. Backpacking requires that you use your time to walk...move to the next camp. A long time ago, people would stay at a camp until they had acquired the necessary supplies to take a journey. They wouldn't leave, until they were stocked up on supplies.

Survival backpacking is more starving backpacking while you sleep on the wet cold ground.
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: Survival Backpacking - 08/04/14 08:26 PM

Originally Posted By finallyME
Survival backpacking is more starving backpacking while you sleep on the wet cold ground.

I want to hear how it went from Nate. I suspected he'd already left when I posted my first reply, but I am curious to hear what he has to say, and even a little worried now that it's been a few days.