Camera Backpacks

Posted by: Harshal

Camera Backpacks - 05/19/14 02:49 AM

I am planning to have a new camera backpack. Which one will be best for packing a SLR along with a flash light and lens and some other camera stuff for a adventure trip.
Posted by: ndsol

Re: Camera Backpacks - 05/23/14 01:23 PM

Are you backpacking or day hiking? That makes a significant difference in what and how you should carry your photography equipment.
Posted by: TomD

Re: Camera Backpacks - 05/23/14 06:11 PM

There are a number of different ones on the market. Pelican, the case maker, makes a few, so does Lowepro. Google "camera backpack" and they will show up. Amazon sells a bunch of them. So does B&H, the online/mail order photo store.
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Camera Backpacks - 05/23/14 06:14 PM

Yeah, there are hundreds upon hundreds to choose among and I wouldn't know were to start without a specific kit and the environment.

Honestly, half the time I dispense with the "official" camera bag and use a hiking pack, because they're always more comfortable.

Posted by: Harshal

Re: Camera Backpacks - 05/29/14 03:27 AM

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