Tripod for camera?

Posted by: keepitlow

Tripod for camera? - 04/07/12 08:53 PM

OK, does not have to be ultralite. But need something packable and decent for a dslr cam. What is out there?

Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Tripod for camera? - 04/08/12 12:08 AM

Hard to say. Can you tell us more about your equipment, what you like to shoot, why you need a tripod vs. handholding and what your budget and target weight are? My recommendations usually cost more than folks' cameras, so I don't want to go nuts here.

Posted by: kevonionia

Re: Tripod for camera? - 04/08/12 04:08 AM

I could give u the brands if u want, but last year I bought 4 lightweight tripods, most around a pound, at garage sales that cost between $3 and $5 ea. All work great.
Posted by: keepitlow

Re: Tripod for camera? - 04/08/12 05:10 PM

Got a Pentax compact dslr. Using tripod for time exposures that wil blur photo when hand held.
Posted by: RHodo

Re: Tripod for camera? - 04/09/12 01:10 AM

I carry a gorillapod hybrid for a lumix gf2.
They have a slightly beefier model for DSLRs.

Posted by: Paulo

Re: Tripod for camera? - 04/10/12 02:11 PM

I bought this in South America for fairly cheap. It is a bit less than a pound and packs up pretty tidily. It even has a spirit level. It's not super strong, hence the light weight. I'm going to be taking it with me on some trips before I write up any reviews or recommend it.
Posted by: TomD

Re: Tripod for camera? - 04/12/12 02:03 AM

I would look for something like a small Slik. I have a Hakuba but it is old, got it at a second hand shop, and can't find anything on it on the net that is recent. I would look on some of the camera shop websites, like B&H or even Amazon.
Posted by: Dondo

Re: Tripod for camera? - 04/21/12 08:47 PM

Here's what I'm using these days: @ Dondo Outdoors .
Posted by: kevonionia

Re: Tripod for camera? - 05/02/12 03:11 PM

Dondo: Great post. Now I want to see more spectacular shots of yours on your next hike.