Lightweight Solo Canoe

Posted by: wildthing

Lightweight Solo Canoe - 01/28/16 03:32 PM

Calling out from Kayak Country here on Vancouver Island for a decent lightweight river canoe. Had an 18' fibreglass flatwater boat and a 16' Mad River Explorer that was a heavy brute. No more 80 pound lifts to the top of the car, despite how fit I am!

I have poked around some around some of the used sites here and haven't found much. I did find a

16' Penwood Prospecter Fibreglass
15' Hellman Scout Kevlar

The Hellman is going to be $2,000 for the Kevlar model which weighs 50 lbs, the Prospector will come in at $500 but weighs 75lbs.

There is a limited supply of used canoes here, but I will be going down to Yakima, WA in the spring and could look down there.
Posted by: Ewker

Re: Lightweight Solo Canoe - 01/28/16 05:01 PM

Have you looked on at the classifieds they have? Sales are listed per state and provinces.