Return of the Poduim Ice

Posted by: Rick_D

Return of the Poduim Ice - 02/14/15 04:27 PM

The Best Insulated Water Bottle Ever was discontinued when Camelbak lost their aerogel source but it looks like they found a new one because the Podium Ice is back.

Like every other cycling component it's not cheap but I've never found anything remotely as effective and use my old one almost daily. Great for hiking, of course.

Posted by: ETSU Pride

Re: Return of the Poduim Ice - 02/22/15 06:44 PM

My gosh. 25 bucks for a water bottle?!?!?! I have an insulated water bottle I got for like 8 bucks, however, when i got my full suspension bike it wouldn't fit in the cage. I have to use 21oz bottles. I keep an iced cooler in my car when i go ride so I can have cold drinks and chocolate milk afterward!