Mileage this year

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Mileage this year - 10/27/14 06:50 PM

After my knee problems of two years ago, I have been fighting to get back on my bicycle and back in shape. Last year I sat out much of the first half of the year, and then slowly built myself back up to where I could do some miles each day.

This year I set a goal of ten miles per day, or 3650 miles per year. That’s well under my totals from a few years ago, when I was riding 6000+ miles per year. But I thought it was worth a shot…and so I started riding.

Well, yesterday I went over 3650 miles for the year. Despite flying over 100,000 miles on United, and fitting this in between backpacking trips and running a business, I managed to get out and ride more than I expected….and I still have two months to go. Who knows? I should get over 4,000….
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Re: Mileage this year - 10/28/14 09:38 AM

Congratulations on achieving your goal!
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Re: Mileage this year - 11/25/14 01:39 PM

Wow - that's a lot of miles, in particular considering your other endeavours.

I've been a cyclist for about 10 years. This year I did the most riding ever (didn't keep count), but unfortunately I started having some neck/shoulder part due to the position on the bike, as well as a desk job. The good news is that this set-back meant I needed to do something as I've been cutting back on cycling...and that's where hiking comes in. So I'm moving from focused on cycling to broadening my horizons.
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Re: Mileage this year - 11/30/14 08:29 PM

Just went over 4000...between the raindrops~!
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Re: Mileage this year - 01/04/15 01:19 AM

SO the total for the year was 4200+...

The 15 th of May of this year will be the twelfth birthday of my Bianchi Giro...and it will have over 59,000 miles on it by then!
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Re: Mileage this year - 02/28/15 03:54 PM

Awesome, that great that you track your miles, "that which gets measured gets improved." A quote that I may be misquoting not sure where I heard it felt applicable though. That is great that you're still getting out on the saddle frequently even with a business. Makes me want to get to it today no excuses not to now. Keep up the good work
Happy trails
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Re: Mileage this year - 03/13/15 12:18 AM

YOu always feel good at the end of a ride...even if you didn't want to get on the bike to begin with.

Already near 1,000 miles this year.
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Re: Mileage this year - 10/07/15 11:00 AM

Still working on this. My Bianchi now has over 58,000 miles on it. And I am on track for 5,000 for this year.

Anybody else riding???
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Re: Mileage this year - 11/20/15 11:25 AM

Under 400 miles to go to make my 5,000 miles for 2015
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Re: Mileage this year - 11/20/15 04:32 PM

Don't track my (occasional) rec riding but am going to surpass 200 commute days for the first time, perhaps as soon as next week. Who says droughts don't have benefits?

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Re: Mileage this year - 12/14/15 12:23 AM

Despite a little bit of rain, a lot of wind, and some cold (for Napa CA) temperatures,today I went over 5,000 miles for the year!

My arm is sore from patting myself on the back...
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Re: Mileage this year - 12/20/15 02:47 AM

sounds really cool man. congratz goodjob
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Re: Mileage this year - 12/24/15 01:42 PM

5k is a great tally.

My commute total on the year's last workday [yay!] is 208 cycling days of a possible 227, a total only made possible by our historic drought, as I don't (intentionally) ride in the rain. It would have been 209 except--wait for it--it's raining.

Snowpack today is over 100% of average! Fingers and toes crossed for more of same through April. I'll gladly trade my May hiking at 9k feet for a normal winter.

And that's my Christmas wish for my fellow backpackers.

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Re: Mileage this year - 12/26/15 09:31 PM

I second that motion!
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Re: Mileage this year - 12/27/15 07:54 PM

Thats crazy impressive! I only managed to ride 270 miles this year (since August). Are you road riding or mountain biking?
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Re: Mileage this year - 12/29/15 09:32 AM

Almost all of it is on the road, and most of it is in the Napa Valley -- but I also ride up in the Sierra from time to time, and when I travel in Europe. To get those kinds of miles, I don't get to take long periods of time off!
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Re: Mileage this year - 06/08/16 04:42 AM

Good mileage for 2015. I didn't cycle much as my wife sprained her ankle and I had to do more in the morning than usual from Sept to Dec. For April to August I figure I did 2500 miles. Guess it is telling as my latest Vredestein Fortezza tires have lasted for 2015 and 2016 and they usually are good for up to 4000 miles. I usually replace them once a year when I get my first flat.