Europe by bicycle

Posted by: Philiph

Europe by bicycle - 07/05/10 03:32 AM


Finnish douchbag reporting in.

Im thinking of doing a tour around europe by bike...!
I was going to do it on a zero budget and doing work where ever i can when ever i can. I am totally bored and depressed in finland and i want to see places and do stuff while im still young!!! Not just sit around at home and wait for a nother day at the office...
I am probably taking whit me only my tent my sleeping bag and a toothbrush (roughly laugh ). I was going to leave as soon as i get all my bills payed and my house rented.
But now im having second toughts (getting scared) is there any sense doing this and is it even possible? Encourage me laugh! And if somebody has done a bike trip around europe feel free to give tips

I have some traveling experience Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, England, France, China (Hongkong), New Zealand, Fiji. But never even rode a bike abroad smirk
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Re: Europe by bicycle - 07/06/10 02:47 AM

I did it in the 80's but it was from the middle of the peloton on the saddle of a racing bike. All expenses were paid but there was little time for fun. I rode past the Louvre several times but never had a chance to go inside. Better to be there that way than not at all.

Go for it while you are still young. If you don't take this opportunity you may regret it for the rest of your life. Life is short. You don't always realize that when you are young.

Just don't forget to bring clean underwear.
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Re: Europe by bicycle - 07/07/10 11:58 AM

Check out sites like and for overnight stays during travel. Here people are exchanging an opportunity to spend the night for free/good will. might be another thing you might be interested. There you work on organic farms for food and accommodation. Usually people stay at these places a bit longer.

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...why Europe, it is very expensive, as you know. I have been in S E Asia for the past 3 months....head down here.Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, all cheap, AND above all, the jewel, THAILAND.
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Re: Europe by bicycle - 08/18/14 02:39 PM

Here is a guy riding around the world. He is not doing it on a zero budget.

Before you ride around Europe, I suggest riding around Finland first to get some experience.

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Re: Europe by bicycle - 08/19/14 04:28 PM

I'm sure Philiph as either already gone or moved on to other interests by now, as this thread was started over four years ago.