Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back

Posted by: Rick_D

Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/11/16 03:25 PM

Here's hoping the True Believers can find something else to do now. For one thing, they've completely disrupted an eradication program for non-native carp that have overwhelmed parts of the basin.
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Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/11/16 05:14 PM

Couple of issues:

First, there are lots of militia types still hanging around Burns trying to disrupt things. Even if they go home, the wounds in the community will be a long time healing.

Second, reportedly the "occupiers" left a horrible mess behind. And cleanup can't even start until the legal investigation is finished, which may take a long time.

There's an article here on ways to volunteer for refuge cleanup. Not mentioned in the article are monetary donations, which can be made to the Friends of Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

If I hear of other possible ways to help, I'll post here. I'm just thankful they got those last four out of there without creating any more "martyrs." It was close, because the last one was seriously talking suicide for a couple hours after the other three had walked out.
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Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/12/16 06:05 AM

It is a shame because even if you agree with them they went about it completely wrong. A peaceful unarmed protest would have brought attention to the cause. Coming in with a bunch of redneck cowboys with guns turned even those who believed in their cause against them. Now there are a bunch of them in jail, one person dead and a mess in a facility which had nothing to do with the original complaint. Hopefully they will be fined and prosecuted as they deserve for their irresponsible actions. More permanent good is accomplished with peaceful protest than with violent action.
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Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/13/16 03:14 PM

even if you agree with them they went about it completely wrong.

If their aim was a public airing of grievances, then the occupiers got all the publicity they sought and were able to present themselves in their own words. Their manifestos were listened to. They were able to thoroughly publicize their grievances and their political theories. Their definitions of what was wrong and what ought to be done about it were correctly reported.

But time and time again, the history of the refuge, the body of Constitutional law, and the facts of the Hammonds' case refuted all their arguments, revealed their version of the facts to be baseless, and rendered their political theories mostly nonsensical. They obviously expected to be formidable, not just because of their guns, but because of the force of their ideas, and instead by exposing their ideas to the full light of examination and debate, they showed themselves to be ridiculously misinformed and their reasoning threadbare.

So, they got everything they wanted except the desired outcome.
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Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/21/16 05:18 PM

I understand that the maximum sentence for the basic violations they're accused of is 6 years in prison. Spending some time in prison may lead them to appreciate their freedom and the responsibilities it entails. They must accept the fact that their actions led to the death of another human and they will have to live with that.

I don't appreciate people coming here from as far away as the east coast and taking over a government building with guns in my state. Surely they have issues to be peaceably addressed in their own states. It leads me to believe it was simply an opportunity for them to show off their guns and act like macho cowboys with a bunch of other losers.

I must also complain about the press. It was their daily published accounts of the occupation that further emboldened those idiots to make fools of themselves. If people had not paid so much attention to them their theatrics would have fallen on deaf ears and the circus would have ended much sooner.
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/22/16 04:00 PM

Appreciate your input as a local. I can't imagine that lot showing up in my backyard and basically attempting to seize it. Because, reasons. Ugh. I'll leave my opinion of some of the region's sheriffs for another day.

What did you think of The Oregonian coverage? They were my go-to source while it was going on, as it seemed like they had resources for ongoing coverage and a regional perspective to their reporting, but that's the view from a couple hundred miles distant. High Country News is indispensable for the big picture, but didn't attempt day-to-day coverage.

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Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/22/16 09:22 PM

Not just the press, but it was even worse that the Feds didn't cut off electricity and cell towers starting Day One. By giving them unlimited access to phone and internet, they just allowed the "occupiers" free reign to publicize their weird beliefs and invite all their fellow idiots to come join them.

I just hope the Feds can get the crime scene processed so the FWS can get in there, repair the worst of the damage and get the irrigation water turned on. The birds are migrating in now, and they need their wetlands!

So far, the big bird-watching festival the first week of April is still on. I was going to go this year, but didn't think they'd be able to run it. Next year, Lord willing!
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/24/16 12:31 PM

Of course, if you can put all the idiots on one bullseye... smile
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 02/24/16 04:36 PM

Good news--the FBI has turned the refuge back over to the Fish and Wildlife Service. It will be a long time (they don't say how long) before the refuge is open to the public, though. Article here
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Oregon (and we) finally get their refuge back - 05/03/16 03:10 PM

Latest word is that the Harney County Birding Festival in early April went on with record attendance. Nearly all the tours were full and they had to add a few extras for the more popular ones.

While the main north-south road through the refuge is open, the Visitor Center and the road to it remain closed.

I haven't been keeping up with the court cases. I did note that Bundys (father and sons) have been sent to Nevada to face trial for their shenanigans a few years ago.