UL outdoors for seniors motors and kayaks

Posted by: Jimshaw

UL outdoors for seniors motors and kayaks - 06/21/17 11:16 PM

My backyard is a toe of a pine tree dotted 5,000 year old lava flow with cougars and coyotes. My backyard is almost as wild as anyplace I have ever hiked to. shocked That affects my need to "go camping"

Anyway one day we were at the Deschutes river and fat old guy in a kayak told me that Kayaks are the senior equalizer, especially for those with a strong upper body and bad legs and who are overweight. I have a seagoing 16 foot kayak that is very thin and fast and has 1,200 cubic inches of storage for gear for Kayak Camping. happy

I also am a dirt-biker and I want to backpack with an ultralight motorcycle. I have carried many packs on my back on motorcycles but on a dirt-bike in the local high desert, I want to keep the whole thing under 20 pounds including tools and maybe an old Sigg fuel bottle with a bit of spare gasoline. I'll post my gear list.

Maybe I'll get to try this in a week or so, its like I'm retired and have to much time, I can jump on a bike anytime and go. SPOILED
Posted by: Fred T

Re: UL outdoors for seniors motors and kayaks - 07/13/17 11:16 AM

I'm an old guy sitting in SE Asia and miss the beauty of the Pacific Northwest! My wife is a dentist here and never spent any time in the outdoors. She is concerned I might end up as a victim of the communist gorillas or Islamic Terrorists if I spend to much time on the mountains. I will do my best to avoid that.

Hope you have a grand adventure!