Back Support ?

Posted by: Roland D

Back Support ? - 12/27/14 11:12 AM

Looking to tap the experience of fellow somewhat senior hikers and Trekkers. I will be trekking in Nepal this spring, and although only carrying a modestly packed day pack, I find after a couple of hours of walking I develop some lumbar/hip pain. I am wondering whether using a lumbar support belt is the way to go -- in addition to my core/back weight training and the use of walking poles ? Any personal or professional advice out there?
Posted by: packlite

Re: Back Support ? - 12/27/14 11:35 AM

I've been struggling with lower back Spondylolisthesis for quite a while and looking for something lightweight, breathable, washable, supportive, this is what I've decided to get, if anything. It meets my criteria and seems to work for other folks (according to Amazon and other reviews).

Bauerfeind LumboLoc Back Support (different sizes from which to choose)

Here's their size guide, by the way. One reviewer at Amazon said the product tends to run small:

So, that's my put for now. At the least, it seems to be a good option.

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Re: Back Support ? - 01/04/15 06:36 PM

I'm currently working with a physical therapist because I herniated a lumbar disc about 7 weeks ago. I asked her about back supports.

She said they can help by reminding one to maintain good posture, particularly while lifting. That's why weight lifters and Home Depot employees wear them.

I have one from Harbor Freight that was under $10.. Seems well made. Haven't used it yet. Here's a link: