Anybody read "Angels in the Wilderness"?

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Anybody read "Angels in the Wilderness"? - 06/19/15 12:43 AM

Well, the real reason I posted this was to make that doggone endless thread about "A Walk in the Woods" disappear (Please NO comments on that or "Wild"!)
"Angels" was written by an avid backpacker (I forget her name) from Calif (Sebastapol) who had a horrendous fall in Tehipite Valley in Kings Canyon Nat'l Park. It is quite an intense story of survival (oops! I gave away the ending:), and had a lot of resonance for me, since I've been to Tehipite and other such places and could imagine it happening to me, except I think, myself, I would've died. She was pretty tough.
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Re: Anybody read "Angels in the Wilderness"? - 06/19/15 11:54 AM

I doubt if you gave anything away, since if the author hadn't survived, she wouldn't have written the book!

I'll look for this one!
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Re: Anybody read "Angels in the Wilderness"? - 06/19/15 04:13 PM

I read the book a few years ago and it was enjoyable. Written by a non professional author so it does not have the glitz of a professional but that is part of what makes it interesting to the like minded community.
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Re: Anybody read "Angels in the Wilderness"? - 06/19/15 04:39 PM

Tales of survival all differ in detail. Each situation develops from a different cause, in a different location, and involves solving somewhat different problems with different resources, but it is amazing how similar they all are in terms of how the survivors respond to sudden and major adversity: they stay as calm as possible, think matters out, form a plan, revise their plans as needed, and refuse to give up. That won't always guarantee survival, but it seems to be an essential component of success.
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Re: Anybody read "Angels in the Wilderness"? - 06/19/15 07:17 PM

good point aimless. Unfortunately there aren't many tales of non-survivors to compare them with. My favorite of those is "Death in the Grand Canyon", but of course the stories there are all told secondhand.