one of my alltime favorite backcountry reads

Posted by: bobito9

one of my alltime favorite backcountry reads - 02/22/15 12:42 AM

I hope nobody thinks I am being facetious when I say that I loved reading "Brighty of the Grand Canyon" when I was backpacking in the Grand Canyon. My partner and took turns reading it aloud to each other and really enjoyed it. Sure, it's a kids book, but its a fun sort of mystery read all the same, and uses real place names, which is extra fun when you are actually down in there. Of course, I made her do most of the reading: it was my beddy-by story smile
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Re: one of my alltime favorite backcountry reads - 03/05/15 01:44 PM

I just completed my 2nd "hiking" book, although many purists will balk at calling "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson a hiking book. Just yesterday, I completed "AWOL on the Appalachian Trail" by David Miller and it has successfully hooked me into more backcountry reading. I just order a few more books from Amazon about thru hikes on the CDT and PCT...being a slave in cubicle hell might preclude me from hiking all 3, but at least I can experience them on a smaller scale by reading about them!

Cheers and thanks for the post...
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Re: one of my alltime favorite backcountry reads - 03/06/15 11:26 AM

There are way, way many good books to pick up for your own collection (even the library or ILL would have many more of the accepted new and classics). I just finished (love the Arctic, Antarctic, Northern woods) a great hard to believe story by a Yale U professor pre-war II... just encourages me to find more to add to the list.
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Re: one of my alltime favorite backcountry reads - 04/30/15 08:37 AM

I'll look into that one . Much as I try to shed as much weight as possible, I brought a book on the canyon last year; this year, no. Next year, that book may go. My wife and I love being down in that canyon so much, reading something about it while there is just icing on the cake.