Hither Hills, Montauk NY (Long Island)

Posted by: heyimfilming

Hither Hills, Montauk NY (Long Island) - 01/25/17 07:10 PM

I recently posted this video from a really fun day hike we took this past summer. Check it out here: Montauk Hike (Hither Hills)

Anyone else hike Long Island??

also does everyone else always use a jogging strollers on hikes?

ever try the toddler backpack? (ive seen them at R.E.I. and a family had one when we hiked Watkins Glen)
Posted by: BZH

Re: Hither Hills, Montauk NY (Long Island) - 01/27/17 02:02 PM

My kids have now aged out of strollers and backpacks, but we had a nice jogging stroller but never really used them hiking. Only the backpacks. They are expensive and only good for a pretty limited age range, but are worthwhile if you can afford it and like to hike. I was able to get a good deal on one off of Craig's list. Just look for a decent brand. They don't tend to get a lot of use so if you can find one they are usually in pretty good shape.

Another thing to keep in mind, in wilderness areas jogging strollers are not allowed.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Hither Hills, Montauk NY (Long Island) - 01/27/17 04:09 PM

Also, most trails with which I'm familiar (lots, in many parts of the country) are far too rough for jogging strollers. The backpack is much better!