For those of you with kids...

Posted by: Ian Campbell

For those of you with kids... - 08/16/16 08:37 AM

Are you making sure that they grow up with an appreciation of spending time in the outdoors? My wife and I talk about this from time to time when we talk about the potential of having kids and it seems to be a big concern for the both of us because hiking, camping and backpacking is such a big past time for us.
Posted by: Dia

Re: For those of you with kids... - 02/03/17 03:20 PM

I definitely think an appreciation and respect for the outdoors is something parent should instill in their children. The younger the better. I have a 4 year old, and I've had him outdoors pretty much all year round since he was about 1. He prefers outdoor play to technology and other indoor activities, and I love that. Not only do I think it is helping him become a more well-rounded person, but it's healthy for him and it brings him joy. What is better than that?