$14.95 Insulated Jacket

Posted by: DJ2

$14.95 Insulated Jacket - 05/29/08 04:59 PM

Couldn't pass this up at $14.95.


I ordered a couple-large size, They weigh 21 ounces on my scale.
The ones I got were plenty big. I could have gotten by with a medium.

They have three velcro secured pockets. Coat has a full ykk zipper in front plus a 3 snap flap that overlaps the zipper.

I couldn't buy the materials for $15.

Insulation is fairly light duty. Weight comes, primarily, from the nylon. I'd guess it is about 2 ounce per yard nylon and fairly stiff.

Both the outer and inner coat is lined with nylon.

Pretty boxy looking but I didn't buy them for style. Good practical garments that will get a lot of use from me.
Posted by: just_another_Joe

Re: $14.95 Insulated Jacket - 06/03/08 09:17 PM

For $5 at the military surplus store, a field jacket liner is polyester insulation quilted in a nylon sandwich, 11 oz. weight, more windproof and lighter than fleece. Looks pretty bad, works quite well.
Posted by: DJ2

Re: $14.95 Insulated Jacket - 06/04/08 08:19 AM

I agree. I use the liners regularly.
Posted by: alanwenker

Re: $14.95 Insulated Jacket - 06/04/08 12:42 PM

I've bought similar jackets at thrift stores. These are a great bargain. You can also find similar quited pants.