Sleeping bag(s)/ GTX bivy deal

Posted by: 300winmag

Sleeping bag(s)/ GTX bivy deal - 01/15/08 11:26 AM

"The Sportsman's Guide" HQ catalog just arrived with a USED
U.S. military 2-sleeping bag combo and woodland camo Gore-Tex bivy sack for $179.!!! Cat. # AX8M-135580

Likely well worth it for people on a budget.

Camo GTX bivy sack > 2 lbs.

Black bag > +30F to +50F fill is Polarguard HV 3 lbs.

Camo bag > +30F to -10F Polarguard HV 4 lbs.

Combined sleeping bags & bivy > "supposably" good to -30F ("When expedition weight long johns are worn.")

Sportsmans' Guide > 1-800-888-3006

Posted by: MattnID

Re: Sleeping bag(s)/ GTX bivy deal - 01/15/08 12:23 PM

Heh, it is probably the same one I have right now. I can attest to it keeping you warm at fairly cold temperatures(-20F is the lowest I've slept in it in) and it kept me sufficiently warm as long as it was all sealed up. This does mean there will be condensation from your breathing in the bag with you. It isn't as though it is dripping on your head, but it is there. It's also a pretty heavy system, but I suppose staying warm is worth it. I don't know the exact weight, in the Army that doesn't matter too much, it just has to fit in the ruck sack, lol. That is also a very good price for the bag system too.