Flysheet pitch first?

Posted by: Kenworthy

Flysheet pitch first? - 08/14/17 06:13 PM

Hello - has anyone got any recommendations for a lightweight tent that has the option to pitch flysheet first? I'm nervous thinking about the inner tent getting wet... I was looking at the Nemo Hornet 1P and would like something similar... but any recommendations welcome, the lighter the better!
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Flysheet pitch first? - 08/14/17 07:20 PM

MSR Hubba NX and Big Agnes Copper Spur 1 (two models?) can be pitched inner first. They're not specifically designed for it, so it's a little awkward to clip the inner to the poles, but it can be done. I share the same concern about a wet inner.

By the way, the poles-and-fly quick-pitch option with both allow you to put up a lunch shelter on a rainy day, too.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Flysheet pitch first? - 08/14/17 09:47 PM

It's unfortunate that most American tents go up inner first! However, Tarptent's double wall tents are designed tol pitch either fly first or with the inner connected to the fly so that both easily go up together. Henry Shires now has so many double-wall models that if I try to list then he'll have come up with another new design before I've posted my list! laugh Here's their website.
Posted by: OhioPaddler

Re: Flysheet pitch first? - 08/16/17 03:17 PM

My Six Moon Designs Skyscape has the outer fly sewn to the inner mesh wall. Luckily I haven't had to set the tent up in the rain yet but with the vestibules zipped shut I don't know how it would get wet inside when setting it up. Five stakes and your trekking poles (or available tent poles) and the thing is up. Takes like 2 minutes. I've really enjoyed the tent so far and is fairly roomy for a one person tent. I've got the Trekker model which is sil-nylon and with tent body, ground sheet and stakes weighs in at around 32 oz.
Posted by: Franco

Re: Flysheet pitch first? - 08/18/17 09:33 PM

Hi Mouse,
Thank you for your comments.
Yes indeed all of our shelters go up fly first regardless if they are single or double wall.
With the double wall you can add or take away the inner (if you like....) once set up.
A good use of that is , for me for example, to gain space for an extra person or two undercover at lunch time or in the afternoon out of the rain.
because we don't have bears here in Australia it works well for cooking too.
The new Bowfin 1 could be a good choice for the OP.