Posted by: Joe777

Hammocks - 08/09/17 04:31 PM

Would you all mind taking a look at this hammock and telling me what you think? It has a bug net on it. Thanks very much.

What hammock would you recommend if not this one? Will need a bug net.
Posted by: aimless

Re: Hammocks - 08/09/17 04:47 PM

Our members can go ahead recommend you a hammock with a bug net, but our site does not allow new members to link to commercial sites. This is an anti-spam policy and works well for us.
Posted by: BrianLe

Re: Hammocks - 08/09/17 05:36 PM

Without knowing the hammock referenced, hard to respond for anyone I think, but I will say that hammock camping has more of a learning curve to figure out than most aspects of backpacking.

I only have experience with one hammock type (Hennessy), and while I like some aspects very much there are a lot of trade-offs and issues to work out, especially if you're camping in relatively lower temperatures.

You might do better with this query in a dedicated hammock-camping site. Whiteblaze has a forum for this, for example:

I'm pretty sure there are others, a quick internet search would likely turn up at least one other.

Best of luck!
Posted by: Joe777

Re: Hammocks - 08/09/17 10:35 PM

Oh ok. I'm sorry about that, did not know.
Posted by: Joe777

Re: Hammocks - 08/09/17 10:38 PM

Thanks Brian, I'll check it out.
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Hammocks - 08/09/17 11:47 PM

Not a problem. If you want to simply include the name of the hammock, so others can respond, that's fine. It's the link to the website that caused the problem, not the make and model of the item.

Welcome, by the way. smile
Posted by: 4evrplan

Re: Hammocks - 08/10/17 11:17 AM

Welcome Joe. Hammockforums.net is a great one. As Brian said, There's definitely a learning curve, but that can be part of the fun. A complete camping setup (hammock, suspension, tarp, bug net, quilt, etc) can be expensive, especially the quilt, but it doesn't have to be. When I got into it, I decided I had more time than money, so I got the cheapest hammock I could find and made my own suspension and tarp. Instead of a quilt, I put a sleeping pad in the hammock, under me. I've since made a better hammock with. They can get quite fancy, but your average basic hammock is a really easy project if you're even nominally handy with a sewing machine. The DIY route isn't for everyone of course, but I want to make sure you're aware of all your options. Instructions, links to materials, etc. can be found on the forum I mentioned. Good luck!