today's equivalent of Asolo Voyageur boots?

Posted by: BFGaloot

today's equivalent of Asolo Voyageur boots? - 04/16/17 04:10 PM

I had a pair of these for years and years and finally wore them out. I wore them all over the Sierras in weekend and week-long trips, and on a one day trip up and down Mt. Whitney. They were always comfortable and provided plenty of ankle support, and were very lightweight.

What's a good equivalent today? I'm 55, 6'1" and 215 lbs, size 10.5 and I haven't backpacked much for a few years.

I'd really prefer to buy boots that are NOT made in China, by the way.
Posted by: BZH

Re: today's equivalent of Asolo Voyageur boots? - 04/17/17 06:41 PM

Well, many people around here (myself included) have switched from hiking boots to light weight trail runners. They are much easier to hike in. It felt odd at first (like your ankle is exposed) but once I got used to them I never looked back. I used to have ankle problems, but have found shoes strengthen my ankles more. I think some research came out to back this up. In essence high top shoes/boots weaken your ankles and don't offer additional support (just the appearance of support).

So now that I got that out of the way, if you still want traditional hiking boots, why don't you just get another pair of Asolo? Have they switch to manufacturing in China and are looking for something made in the USA? If that is the case you might want to check out Danner's. There was someone around here who swore by them.