Container to Hold Imusa Mug

Posted by: 4evrplan

Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/08/17 10:47 PM

I bought the small version of the Imusa aluminum mug, cut off the handle, and made a lid out of a disposable aluminum baking pan. I'd like to find a plastic container just big enough to keep it in so the lid doesn't get messed up, and it would double as my mug, but I haven't found one the right size yet. Has anyone done anything like this with the 10cm mug? What did you use?
Posted by: the-gr8t-waldo

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/09/17 04:52 PM

Maybe something like a hamburger patty container? Seems like a lot a plastic to protect one lid. If it were me,I'd make a new lid with something like silicone. Maybe a siliclone kitchen counter trivit cut down to size. Or maybe one of those "egg pouching/cooking" tools- looks to me to be quite lite and about the right size( with a lil trimming )
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/09/17 07:07 PM

4everplan: So you trimmed the heck out of the mug and now need a pastic holder that probably weighs as much as or more than what you trimmed off? Sounds like something I'd do!

My suggestion would be the same as the-gr8t-waldo's--find a somewhat more durable lid that will stay on. It will probably weigh less than any plastic holder you might find. Good luck!
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/13/17 10:28 PM

Look here! I just found this video from the inimitable Mike Clelland! He has a setup that appears to be similar to yours and this is how he carries it.

You'll have to watch his first aid and repair kits first; the cook kit starts about halfway through.

Amazing what turns up on youtube while I'm watching April the Giraffe! lol
Posted by: 4evrplan

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/14/17 01:18 AM

Interesting, I'm surprised that stuff sack is enough to protect the foil lid, but good to know.

I don't just want to protect the lid though. I also want a separate plastic cup so I don't burn my lips and so I can have a hot drink and food at the same time.

Nonetheless, very interesting video. Thanks OM.
Posted by: JustWalking

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/14/17 05:20 PM

I have one cup, it's a double walled titanium mug so no burnt lips when drinking hot liquids. I made an aluminum foil top for it. To keep the top from getting crunched, I simply put the top of the mug into a small stuff sack, followed by the mug. Does a great job of keeping the top mangled-free. (My whole cook kit goes into stuff sack, it's not just for the mug).

I'm not sure about the size of your mug, but you could also look at the Caldera Caddy on Trail Designs' website, the smaller one might work for what you're looking for.

Posted by: CamperMom

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/20/17 08:53 PM

FWIW, I think the smaller Imusa fits over a 1 L Gatorade bottle, probably wrapped with Reflectix. It would be a pain to clean out some beverages, but you COULD use the Gatorade bottle to hold your beverage. (I did, it usually was water. If I wanted something else, it most often went into my cook pot after the meal.) You also could cut down a Gatorade bottle for your mug. Many of us would not put up with the weight unless it had a second use.

Also, you might find a silicone band to use as a lip guard. I usually just use a smear of high temp RTV silicone sealant to make pads for grabbing pots and as lip guards. Please be reminded that either the inside or the outside of a metal cup can burn lips. You probably can "train yourself" to drink without burning yourself on the inner rim.


Posted by: 4evrplan

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/21/17 10:12 AM

Unfortunately, the diameter of the caldera caddy isn't quite big enough.
Posted by: 4evrplan

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/21/17 10:15 AM

I really like the idea of adding silicone pads. Do you have any pictures or video of the process and a recommendation for which sealant to use?
Posted by: CamperMom

Re: Container to Hold Imusa Mug - 03/21/17 10:54 AM

No, nothing saved on this. I just picked up some of the high-temp sealant from the auto/RV section of a local variety store after reading about it somewhere, scuffed up the area a bit, and smeared on some of the goop where I thought my fingers and mouth would hit, then let it cure.

I have applied the stuff to 12 fl oz Vienna sausage cans and beer cans. If the flames over which I cook get too high, the pads get hot, so be aware. How much to use was a guess, but AFIK, one could build up additional layers, as needed.

I did not expect this to get a lot of "press." If you search the board, it will probably come up in past discussions.