Light down gear, can't choose between two.

Posted by: gmt_master

Light down gear, can't choose between two. - 12/16/16 08:38 PM


I can't choose between these two gears of light down jacket/mid layer.

It will mostly be used for hiking/camping in Canadian winter as mid layer,
or use it as light jacket for urban settings for early winter, spring and falls.

The problem is, luckily I received both as a gift for christmas laugh

1. Mountain hardwear Ghost whisperer hooded down (Black) $300

2. Canada goose hybridge jacket (Black) non hood $530

Both are similar, 800 down light jacket, with similar purpose.

Yet unlike ghost whisperer which is so popular,
hybridge jacket is not too popular probably because of the price?

Also ghost whisperer is water resistant with q shield down,
whereas hybridge is only dwr coated.

Design wise I like the goose better judging by the pictures .
Function wise I think MH GW is supposed to be better, not sure though.

I want to keep both but it would be a waste of money so I plan on refunding one for some cash.

Which one do you think I should keep?

I already tried the ghost whisperer and i love it,
surprisingly warm in -7 celcius with one or two inner layers.
Have not yet tried hybridge because it is still on shipping status.

I just want your opinion on both laugh

Posted by: bluefish

Re: Light down gear, can't choose between two. - 12/17/16 09:59 AM

I have neither jacket, but have one that is very similar to the Mt. Hardware and 800 fill, though a little heavier. The hood provides better temp. range and the neck on the GD doesn't appear to have much fill at all. The thumb holes on the GD are something I never use, as liner gloves work better for me when my fingers are cold. I can't imagine why the 200+ price difference, but I know which one I'd be returning; fit being equal, of course.
Posted by: BrianLe

Re: Light down gear, can't choose between two. - 12/17/16 10:27 AM

Tough to assess this stuff, but if you plan on using this while active, i.e., not just "in camp" or at breaks --- then unless you're one of those people who hardly perspire, I'd incline towards the cheaper one that is supposed to handle moisture better.
Posted by: Dia

Re: Light down gear, can't choose between two. - 02/21/17 01:56 PM

My husband actually has the ghost whisperer and the reason he chose it was because of how functional it is. He loved the fit and found it to be very warm. Plus, the fact that it is waterproof is a huge asset. Style wise, not his first choice, but is does what he needs it to do.