GoLite shelters

Posted by: Thackeray

GoLite shelters - 10/07/11 04:36 AM

Anyone use there stuff??

Looking at prolly the Lair2 Nest and the Hut2 over the top.

Quality gear??

Posted by: Ewker

Re: GoLite shelters - 10/07/11 09:27 AM

I have used their shelters in the past with no problems. I can't speak for how they are made now
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: GoLite shelters - 10/07/11 02:26 PM

There are lighter and probably better shelters available from the various "cottage" manufacturers such as Tarptent, Mountain Laurel Designs, Gossamer Gear, ZPacks, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Bear Paw Tents, Lightheart Gear, to name a few. GoLite, unfortunately, seems to be going heavier. A lot of folks still like their shelters, though.
Posted by: Banjopickin

Re: GoLite shelters - 10/07/11 06:29 PM

I roll out with a Shangri-la 1. I like it alot. It fits my needs just fine for a 4 season tent if you dont mind a single wall. I use tyvek for a ground sheet and pitch it really low if bad weather is threatening. Thats the only GoLite product I've ever used so I cant speak for the rest of there stuff. Unless your really counting ounces I'd go with the shelter that fits your needs the best.
Posted by: Cesar

Re: GoLite shelters - 10/12/11 06:28 PM

I purchased a Shangri-la 2 with their 40% coupon code earlier this year and have been happy with it as well. Its a good fit for me since I wanted a floorless shelter I can use year round that was long enough that my long bag wouldnt rub the walls and also had side pull out tabs to give more space(especially in wind) I had a MLD trailstar which I liked a lot but the few times I went out snow camping I couldn't take the trailstar so would take a full tent that could shed snow a lot better. For that reason alone I decided to sell it and get something that I might be able to use year round. That, and Im sure my wife wouldn't of been to happy with me purchasing another shelter. I'm sure that was more of a factor in having to sell the trailstar.

So its more of a what suits your needs. With the trailstar, I've become comfortable sleeping under a tarp or simply under the stars so I've have the door open on my SL2 the few times Ive been able to use it. I'm curious to see how Ill like it in winter. If I do and I ever decide to purchase another shelter for 3season I was looking at the Bearpaw Lair or MLD solo trailstar. I really liked the trailstar but it is HUGE underneath and all of my hiking partners like their fully enclosed tents.
Posted by: Paulo

Re: GoLite shelters - 10/12/11 07:57 PM

I use both a golite jam 2 tarp (21 oz) and a golite lair nest 2
(26 oz).

They're both older models that I picked up 2nd hand. The loops for fastening are a bit worn, but that was just how the previous owner tied the cordage to it.

I have fit 3 guys in the lair nest 2, it was snug but it worked. It is sturdy, but you definitely don't want to abuse it (as with any UL gear).

I can't speak highly enough of them. If Golite is going heavier (it appears they are) I wouldn't be surprised if it was for durability and warranty issues. As UL gear becomes more available, more people use it and use it like it's heavy duty gear!

Posted by: Gunny Webb

Re: GoLite shelters - 11/27/11 07:11 PM

I have a Shangri La 1 and like it a lot. I carry the tent and bath tub usually, but have carried the nest and tent when the bugs are bad or it's really cold.