Re: need tiny bottles? (Altoids tins)

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Re: need tiny bottles? (Altoids tins) - 09/25/09 04:56 PM

Speaking of tins, I've amassed a 20 or so Altoids tins again. Free to good home, as many or as few as you want. PM address to send them to.

Sorry for the hijack. It looks like a nice source you found.
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Re: need tiny bottles? - 09/25/09 09:05 PM

I have used the blue shampoo type bottles:

for alchol for stoves for several years, since getting a couple from Tinny.

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Re: need tiny bottles? - 10/12/09 11:30 AM

redbull shots come in nice little containers I usually carry olive oil and such in them aswell as a dry rub for fish when "wishing". I mean fishing.
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Re: need tiny bottles? - 10/13/09 02:12 AM

I like the itty bitty dropper bottles from Gossamer Gear. They can be used with or without the dropper insert. I just wish they sold all translucent bottles rather than half opaque and half translucent--it's nice to be able to see how much liquid is in there. I tried the BPL bottles but they are all opaque and too firm to squeeze. The only liquid I take that (even for a 10-day trip) that is too big for the little dropper bottles is olive oil. REI sells small Nalgene bottles down to 1 oz. The 3-oz. bottle works fine for me, although I might take a little bigger bottle if I decide to go fishing.
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Re: need tiny bottles? - 10/13/09 02:47 PM

Yes, that is a great site for almost any type of bottle. I have made a small alky stove with the aluminum bottles that have the top much like an aluminum beer bottle. The regular bottles are too large for my heiny pot but the smaller size seems to work great.I do it the same way that Tinny does his by inverting the neck of the bottle down into to the bottom of the bottle. Works great and a pretty quick boil time too..It's a lot smaller and a lot easier to carry too. Takes up no space.It is amazing how far we have come to get to the weights that we are all carrying now..Just amazing to me...sabre11004... goodjob
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Re: need tiny bottles? - 10/13/09 03:05 PM

Cool source. For a second, I thought you had to purchase in case quantities. I was thinking "why the heck is he showing us this, who need 300 aluminum bottles?"

I think I just found some containers for my tea and pipe tobacco.
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Nice avatar. cool Thanks for that container tip.
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Re: need tiny bottles? - 10/17/09 10:36 PM

hah very nice find