Sewing- Gusseted Crotch

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Sewing- Gusseted Crotch - 08/10/08 11:01 PM

I am in the military and need some gear help. Acually, clothing help. In our line of work we are always looking to improve our gear and clothing. With the lowest bidder sewing our clothes, most soldiers pants blow out in the crotch. I want to modify my ACU's (Adavanced Combat Uniform) with a "gusseted" crotch. If anyone has suggestions or patterns that I may borrow or use, please help. My next step is to go buy a pair of gusseted pants and copy the pattern.
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Re: Sewing- Gusseted Crotch - 08/11/08 07:40 AM

Hi, I've done this alteration tons to patterns. Let me have some coffee and clear my head and I will do my best to describe it.

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Re: Sewing- Gusseted Crotch - 08/13/08 08:49 AM

basically you cut off the front and back crotch points along the grain (usually a straight line up from just above the knee, parralel to the longwise grain) Then combine the two pieces (one front, one back) along what would be the inseam seam, and draw a straight line across the wide part. You should now have a triangle. The straight line will be the edge of your gusset pattern that is "place on fold". This give you the diamond shaped piece when you cut it out. Be sure you know which long edge of the diamond go on the front or back of the pants leg. The two "corners" of the edge of the fold ( short points of the diamond) will be where you match up to CF and CB when you insert the gusset.

Hope that's more clear than mud.
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