New to Making Own Gear

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New to Making Own Gear - 06/13/08 09:48 AM


Just wandering if there would be a book or a PDF file or something that could provide some patterns for a sleeping bag. I haven't made anything on my own yet and I certainly don't want to go at it in the dark. Anyone have a suggestion?
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Re: New to Making Own Gear - 06/13/08 12:54 PM

You can purchase kits for making quilts from either Thru Hiker or Ray-Way. The Thru Hiker kit is 800 fill down and comes with access to instructions; the Ray-Way kit is synthetic and comes with detailed instructions. I have made both as well as a home designed sleeping bag. I made a number of modifications to the Thru Hiker design including a head hole so the quilt can be worn as an insulated poncho.

Unless you already know how to sew, I would recommend you start with a simpler project than the Thru Hiker kit. On the other hand, I would recommend the Ray-Way kit to a rank novice. The reason that I am mentioning quilts is that there is not that big a step from making quilts to making sleeping bags. Moreover, you may find that a quilt suits your purposes just fine and forget about making a bag.

Also, if you log on to the Practical Backpacker forum, there are descriptions of one quilt project or another in the MYOG section. Here you can find out, in excruciating detail, the trials and tribulations of inexperienced sewers as they successfully make their own sleeping gear.
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Re: New to Making Own Gear - 06/13/08 05:30 PM

Sleeping bags and quilts are easy if you know how to sew....

I made a Ray Way and it's more than I bargained for so far as warmth and comfort. Making a down *anything* was more than I wanted to attempt, so I ordered a down quilt from Jacks R Better for about fifty dollars more than the materials would have cost had I tried to make it.

I have seen pictures on the web of DIY sleeping bags. Just google 'sleeping bag pattern' and there's tons of links like this .
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Re: New to Making Own Gear - 06/14/08 12:35 PM

"Just google 'sleeping bag pattern' and there's tons of links like this "

You just googled a link from this very website. Look at the left of the page for a link to the "make your own" home page.
Make a liner bag first. Its a very simple project but you will learn a lot. Have a great deal of patience with the bag. Sleeping bags are probably one of the more advanced projects. I would even say complicated backpacks are easier to make (smaller). Start with stuff sacks and such until you get comfortable.
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Thanks for the help, Folks.