fixing tent zippers

Posted by: bamboospoon

fixing tent zippers - 05/22/08 12:08 PM

I have a one/two year old coleman crescent rim tent that I use when Im not using my mountain hardware backpacking tent. It allows for more room for me and the woman when we are car camping or going to festivals.

At the end of last year the zipper broke on it. I dont think the teeth are messed up I think the zipper just pulled off from one side so both tracks of teeth are no longer going thru it.

Any insight on how to fix this sorta thing?
Posted by: Roocketman

Re: fixing tent zippers (REI or many other places) - 05/26/08 04:23 AM

Outdoor zipper repair kit (REI or other outdoor/sewing shops)

Miles from anywhere, you can still repair zippers on tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, parkas, ski pants and more with this handy kit.

* Repair zippers in the field, or at home, quickly and easily by replacing the slider instead of the whole zipper
* Includes 4 single-pull sliders and 4 double-pull sliders in a variety of sizes to fit nylon coil and plastic tooth zippers, plus top and bottom stops
* Comes with complete, easy-to-follow instructions

Made in USA.
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Re: fixing tent zippers (REI or many other places) - 05/26/08 07:53 AM

you have to make sure you are putting on the exact same slider. A lot of them LOOK the same but there are minute differences that will cause your zipper to fail again if you don't put the correct one back on. For r coil tent zippers there are S ,C, and CN type #5 sliders, and there are also different sizes. #5 is most common but there are some out there that use #4.5. Your off and el cheapo brand sliders won't be marked.

Most of the zipper repair kits do not have the full spread of different kinds of sliders. You need to look at the slider carefully for the code number, usually on the "nose" of the slider, and get the correct replacement from someplace like Outdoors Wilderness, Seattle Fabrics or Rockywoods.