Making pole sleeves

Posted by: ShadeDog

Making pole sleeves - 05/13/08 11:46 AM

Anyone have an integrated design to share?
I am making my first tent and am stuck on how to fashion the pole sleeve.
Posted by: sabre11004

Re: Making pole sleeves - 05/18/08 10:37 AM

I have a large "tube"tent that weighs around 6 lbs. and is ten feet long. It has three integrated pole sleeves in it. They hold the tube in some what of a "half circle" to form the tube design. It is five feet in diameter and had an inside height of around 49 - 50".It has lots of room for two people and also room for some gear but it is really too heavy to carry on foot. I have used it several times car camping and it works great for that if you just don't want to put up the bigger tent....As far as the sleeves go, my wife did all the seams and all of the sewing. I do know that she got the type of seam off some tent making web-site 'cause they are really strong seams...Hope that helps..Happy Trekking...sabre11004...

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Re: Making pole sleeves - 05/19/08 04:07 AM

Exactly what part are you stuck on? It wouls seem that its just a rectangle folded in half and sewn into a seam. I have not tried it, so that could be why it seems so easy to me.
Posted by: Paul

Re: Making pole sleeves - 05/20/08 09:43 PM

I have a few tips:
Best to make the sleeves out of either uncoated fabric or silnylon, for slipperiness.
Generously sized sleeves are easier to slide poles thru.
I have always sewed the sleeves closed (I.e. made it inot a tube) first and then sewn them into the seam.
It can be tricky getting the tent sized right for the poles (or vice-versa) and the size of the pole sleeves is part of that trickiness. HTere is no easy ay that I can think of - even the most accurate drawings can't take into account the stretch of the fabric, and even a mock-up can have problems if the fabric used is different from the final fabric. I suppose using a stretch fabric for the pole sleeves, as some manufacturers do, could make this easier. Having the poles first, making the tent to fit, and going tight if anything, then cutting a little off the poles if needed, could work. Or incorporating some sort of tensioning device to deal with any slack is another possibility.
Posted by: bobgengeskahn

Re: Making pole sleeves - 05/21/08 12:41 AM

have you thought about an internal set up like on the Bibler and the "new" black diamond tents? I would imagine that this would save a lot on the construction and weight of the sleeves. you just might have to think of a way to tension the inside as the fabric stretches over time... or pick a fabric that wont stretch as much. i know bibler uses epic and they last a long time, so i assume that it doesnt stretch that much... just my 2 cents.