Jones Tent II pole replacement

Posted by: ShadeDog

Jones Tent II pole replacement - 05/05/08 07:56 AM

I was looking to make the Jones Tent II and found that the Coleman pole listed in the instructions is no longer available. Anyone have an alternative, or if you have one, the dimensions so I could make my own???
This is my first tent so I was hoping to stick to the directions without to many adjustments.
Posted by: Cesar

Re: Jones Tent II pole replacement - 05/05/08 02:55 PM

Sorry dont know much about that tent but you can purchase poles here:

aftermarket poles
Posted by: Weldman

Re: Jones Tent II pole replacement - 05/06/08 08:07 AM


If you look at fig 1.5 the rear roof panel ( 7 1/16" on both sides) and then fig 1.6 the rear panel 4' 6.5" add them together .

Comes to 5' 1 3/4" ( 61.675) add 3-6" as a safety margin.

Best figures I came up with by looking at the plans and the picture of the rear section. If not call coleman directly or a dealer, the Coleman Cobra was being sold 2 years ago at a ebay store.

Also I second the quest outfitters route when you need replacement or making your own poles.

Good Luck