See-through sunshade fabric

Posted by: cilla

See-through sunshade fabric - 04/06/08 06:50 PM

Ok it isn't exactly backpacking, but I am tricking out my SUV stroller to add more sunshade but I don't know what kind of fabric is used as a sunshade. I have already tricked it out and added black ripstop nylon sunshade but the baby can't see out. This is good for now, but as he gets bigger, he may complain unless I get add a see-thru sunshade.

Does anyone know what fabric is used as a sunshade on those kid carrier backpacks (say that Kelty makes) and where to get it? (I added the ripstop nylon sunshade with Velcro, sewn and glued to the stroller, and figure I can do the same with a see-through fabric.)

-cilla (new adoptive mom to a 9 month old boy from Vietnam)
Posted by: billk

Re: See-through sunshade fabric - 04/06/08 08:55 PM

Phifertex mesh ought to's used in many sunshade applications. You can get it at OWF (go through the portal on this site), or at The Rain Shed or Seattle Fabrics.
Posted by: cilla

Re: See-through sunshade fabric - 04/08/08 05:44 PM

Thank you, I found it at OWF.