Rayon/poly blend OK?

Posted by: BrianKelly

Rayon/poly blend OK? - 02/26/08 07:41 AM

Was in wally world yesterday and, as always, checked the $1/yd bin to see what they had. No sil, but they did have a screen mesh that looked tempting (haven't seen that very often), but it was a poly/rayon blend.

My understanding is that rayon is/can be fairly absorbent, so my concern is that the material may hold condensation more readily than a standard poly or nylon mesh. Anyone have any experience with rayon or any thoughts? If it works, they had 2 bolts, both ~60" wide that would be a nice addition to the project materials inventory.
Posted by: crackers

Re: Rayon/poly blend OK? - 02/26/08 08:22 AM

Howdy Brian,

My answer: it depends.

Some rayons (in particular the bamboo derived ones from what i've seen) are really high tech and some are encapsulated with the latest and greatest coatings at the thread level.

Others are commodity goods and resemble sponges.

But this is wally world's bargain bin right? Just buy a yard and do some condensate testing on it...
Posted by: BrianKelly

Re: Rayon/poly blend OK? - 02/26/08 08:50 AM

Hey Graham-

The weave on the goods is pretty good for bug netting, comparable to what I was used to seeing. I doubt it is the latest and greatest, but it could be that the poly helps it be a bit more hydrophobic than standard rayon. I will probably give it a go with a few yards and see what happens.

We've had some hemp/bamboo rayon blends sampled here, but we're talking for fashion not technical use so not the most relevant.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.