Quilt Done.

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Quilt Done. - 04/26/07 09:37 AM

Not sure how to rate it, but I put 2" baffles in it. Got the pattern from TLB, Jeremy Padgett.
The purple ripstop I got for $1.5 per yard. the baffles I paid $13 for, the old LL Bean bag was eager to give up its down and retire. Woo Hoo. The down was most likely 550 when it was new 15 years ago. I over stuffed the foot area a little. It was heavier than I wanted, but I made it with room to spare and with that heavy down. It came in at 24.25 ounces. I can live with it and if I like it enough I will make a lite summer model with 800 fill and get the weight down to 16-17 ounces. It is cozy and combined with the tyvek bivy it should perform good.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 04/26/07 11:15 PM

Nice. 24 ounces is still pretty light...makes me wonder if my old down bag might have some possibilities.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 04/27/07 08:05 AM

Another nice project.
How did you handle the down from the old bag to the new baffles? A friend completed a similar quilt and he did the work inside a tent that he had setup in his basement. I'll have to remember to ask Tony for more details.
With your advice and his, it should take some of the apprehesion away about this type of recycling project.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 04/30/07 01:30 PM

I did it the easy way. I made the quilt, got some 1 1/2" masking tape, set my machine up on a rubbermaid container in garage, shut the garage door, got the leaf blower ready, sat down in the driveway with the old bag, scissors, quilt, tape, painters mask, and two garbage bags. Opened one baffle at a time, filled the quilt baffles a few at a time, taped them shut and went to the next ones. When they were all filled and I was satisfied I put the left over down in a kitchen garbage bag, threw the old bag away(in a kitchen bag), leaf blowered the area, opened the door and sewed one baffle at time. I was suprised at how little down I lost. And there were only a few to blow out of the garage when I was done.
Everyone has their own method to suit their needs. I hate chasing feathers around for a month so I just do it outside now. The one thing I would recommend is to use a painters mask or at least a bandana. A feather in the lung might turn into something bad.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 04/30/07 07:00 PM

Oops. I got cold on Friday night at 3600 ft, good wind, and mid to low 40's. I went back opened some baffles and added 3 ounces to the quilt. The down I used is 15 year old 550 (as per LLBean) fill. I made my bag a little larger than Jeremy Paggett and using his calculation (20 degrees) of 12 ounces of 800 fill I needed 18 ounces of 550. The quilt without down was 12 ounces and now it weighs 27= 15 ounces of down. That should cover me for summer. For less than 30 dollars and one old bag I will live with it for a while. I stuffed the heck out of it and weighed it before I sewed it the second time because I stuck so much in it I was afraid it would weigh over 2 pounds. It is amazing how much it takes to get an ounce. It was pretty easy except that in the tradition of overdoing things I had set my machine to 6 per inch and I had to use a tiny seam ripper to get those out.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/24/07 03:51 PM

Its getting colder and the quilt is still in action. I have used the quilt on every trip for since April. I am going to push it to see how long I can use it this season. No problems yet and it has been cooling down in the mountains. I have put the hammock away for the older months and started using the tyvek/ripstop bivy sack. Its gonna suck if I get caught with it in one of those freak cold snaps, but we will see.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/24/07 06:19 PM

How much loft do you have on that quilt? It looks good.

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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/24/07 07:13 PM

I cut the baffles into 2 1/2" strips and used 1/4" on each edge when attaching- so the baffles had close to 2". The down was old and heavy compared to modern down, but it did not cost anything since it came from an old bag that I would never have carried again. I have not had the thermometer out this fall, but I think I have ad it into the upper thirties already (at elevation). It is the soo muck more comfortable than a zipper style bag, but therein lies its weakness for much colder conditions. My usual goal is to make gear as cheaply and quickly as possible. I try to use things that are free and do not usually go any great extremes with making things too hard in order to get a special quality aspect. Durability is important, of course. This was made quickly with low budget materials, but compared to spending 300 for something similar in weight (off the shelf) it works and I made it so I love it. One thing I must put emphasis on is that in colder conditions I use it in a bivy-so that does add to the warmth. I made a bivy that has a tyvek bottom and the same material as the quilt for the top. There is no condensation at all and it sheds wind and water splatters and helps to keep the quilt against my body. But after so many nights in the quilt I no longer have problems when I roll over. At first when I rolled I would end up rolling the quilt with me - but now I just roll, reach around grab and tuck- then I am snug and perfectly cozy.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/25/07 02:27 AM

I'm a quilt fan too, so I hear you there. I always feel confined in a mummy-style bag, but quilts are just great for me and how I sleep <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Sounds like, even with the older down, that the quilt is working out great for you. At worst, you've got a three-season quilt for a little while. I'm kicking around making a couple of down quilts at some point, since they'll compress smaller than my synthetic quilt.

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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/25/07 12:32 PM

Just curious what the weight difference is between the new quilt and the old bag. Also, I would guess that by taking the down that is on the bottom of the bag, and combining it with the down on top, the quilt should have a lower temp rate compared to the old bag. Have you seen any difference as far as temperature rating for the old and new?
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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/25/07 07:28 PM

The original bag was just over three pounds. I think the quilt ended up around 25- 27 ounces after I added the down the second time. The bag was continuous baffle and I had already shifted all the down to the top and sewed it up then cut the bottom side and made a pad sleeve-kinda Big Agnes style- so I could use it in a hammock. I still have a kitchen garbage bag half full of the down from the bag. I do not remember how the bag performed, it has been so long since I used it. I really like the quilt though. It out performs anything I know of in a hammock, and gives relief from the confines of a bivy - I suffer from claustrophobia and although I use a mummy, it has to be a roomy mummy or else I freak out. Quilts are cool. Its going to be 38 this weekend/ minus some degrees for elevation when I get into the mountains- I might freeze solid, but the quilt is already packed. Woohoo! (famous last words)
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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/26/07 09:58 AM

Another nice project for the archives Hooty <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Maybe use the leftover down for an under-quilt project for the hammock <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> Like yourself, I prefer a quilt in my hammock instead of a bag. I've found over the past 2 years of using my quilt it's easier than a bag, lighter, more versatile when I go to ground, and easier to air out and dry faster in the Sunlight/wind while on a trip.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/28/07 03:36 PM

The quilt did good this weekend. I may have seen this some where, but I came up with a new(to me) way to pitch the poncho tarp. I set it up in a 1/2 pyramid using a tree instead of a hiking pole. Then I pulled the sides of the 1/2 pyramid to the back and staked them down so that they were flat against the tarp. That gave me a flat triangle shaped wind shed that could quickly be made into a shelter in the event it starts to rain. It gave me full sky view and shed the wind. It did not flap at all and there were some semi strong gusts. I did enjoy the sky view- it was a full moon.

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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/31/07 10:03 AM

Hooty, I'm jonesin' for the last view of the setup which would be deployed if it rained, from the setup you pictured last. Any chance you can rig it in your yard? Thanks Earthling <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Quilt Done. - 10/31/07 04:26 PM

Its easy as pie. I was given this jewel of a set up idea (the 1/2 pyramid) from spock last year. I must say thanks a million to spock. I have used the 1/2 p in all kinds of weather with some variations that allow more air flow down to tight as a opensided drum for temps dwon to 10 degrees. It has been in some serious wind that I thought trees were gonna blow down on me and rain drops that can only be described as 'exploding' rain drops. My dog can fit in here with me and best of all it works as rain protection all day and then shelter at night for 10 ounces. All the ideas I have gotten including using a poncho as a tarp can be traced back to this forum. It is humble, but it is home. I do not how to link to previous posts, but I just found the post and it was on 12/16/06 and it was started as 'Poncho/tarp tech question'. It has a good description from Spock and others.

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Re: Quilt Done. - 11/01/07 02:58 PM

Thanks Hooty <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> Where has Spock gone these days, he used to post here back before April <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> Great thread, thanks for diggin it up; I'm sure others will peruse it as well.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 03/23/08 02:23 PM

The quilt started early this year. I took it with me this weekend - and temps got lower than expected. Most reliable local weather called for 37 Saturday night. It must have been lower than that because I woke up to find the dogs water bowl forzen. I guess it dipped below freezing last night. The quilt did good. I never even realized it was that cold.
So I am going to give the quilt a 32* rating. Better than I had expected. I might be taking the quilt on my Benton Mckaye Trail trip. I would rather have a synthetic, but am not sure I would have time to make and test one before hand.
Using MYOG gear is very satisfying.
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Re: Quilt Done. - 08/25/08 03:57 PM

Is there a pattern for something like this? How did you make the baffles. I did a search and read something about baffles need to be curved??
Or made like and arch because the insde fabric is smaller than the outside fabric -- not sure what all this means -- can you elaborate.Thansk