avalibility of thin ti rod

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avalibility of thin ti rod - 01/26/17 04:45 PM

I'm doing a bit of day dreaming about a wind screen for my stove set-pocket rocket & 750ml Ti pot. In the past I've used a premade heavy aluminum foil wind screen....as of last outing it's worked fine. But, it surrounds both, the burner as well as the butane tank. So I normally prop up the screen so that fresh/cool makeup air is drawn into the area of the canister. It's worked OK...but this approch seems way too precarious to leave un attended. ( and then the top of the screen is needlessly way too high to do anything) So I'm thinking that in addition to cutting down the existing screen and elevate it using Ti. rod. The rod from most all supply places seem needlessly expensive and way too big in dia. It occurred to me that perhaps flux coated electric welding rods might be an reasonable approch, after I crush/clean the flux off. Has anyone bought them from their local welding supply house?..thinking I'll need three rods approx. .063 dia(1/16").. Finished length, about 8"
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Re: avalibility of thin ti rod - 01/26/17 06:52 PM

I don't think that Titanium welding rod is available flux coated and, even then, you would probably have to buy a half pound or more. 1/16" Grade 2 Titanium rod is available by the foot at McMaster-Carr Supply.


A two foot piece is $3.05, but you would probably have to pad the order out to keep from getting killed on shipping. Grade 2 Titanium is soft and can be bent. Grade 5 is harder, but isn't available in 1/16" dia. I've used 1/16" Stainless steel TIG welding rod to make little skewers and stakes before. It's heavier than Titanium, but easier to find. If you know of a welding shop somewhere, they might have some stainless TIG rod. I doubt that you will find many shops that weld Titanium unless you are in an area that has aerospace industries. I find McMaster to be a handy source for small quantities of difficult to find materials like Stainless Welded Wire Mesh:


I have used the 2 X 2 mesh to make a pot support for an alcohol stove. It can be cut with tin snips and rolled into a cylinder.
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Re: avalibility of thin ti rod - 01/26/17 06:59 PM

I use a tent stake or two--multiple use. Of course it won't work if there's a big storm threatening to blow the tent down, but in that case, I probably won't be trying to cook anyway. More like battening down the hatches, crawling inside, and waiting until the storm is over.

My windscreen goes only 3/4 of the way around the stove, which is sufficient opening to keep the fuel canister from getting overheated, a big danger when using a windscreen with a canister stove (an exploding canister can ruin your day!). I do feel the canister frequently, just to be sure. This setup works well for me. Obviously, the opening is on the downwind side.

I presume you're not leaving the stove unattended while it's on!
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Re: avalibility of thin ti rod - 01/27/17 02:52 PM

I wasn't in tune with the differences between types 2 & 5. My intentions are that the rod is to be pushed into the soil about 1 to 3 inches. Along with some bending. I do have some gas welding fill rod in stainless and 4130 steel both are 1/16". I'll probably try using one of those, and make do. And revisit this project next year. Thanks all! P.s. " un attended " is one if those words that can mean a lot of things.....I do divert my attention from time to time...I'm pretty sure we all do this
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Re: avalibility of thin ti rod - 01/27/17 08:18 PM

Even though McMaster lists the Grade 2 Titanium as soft, I don't know how soft it really is. I might get some just to see. I've made windscreens from aluminum flashing for alcohol stoves and used stainless skewers for pot supports. I'd like to see how the Titanium rod compares to stainless.
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Re: avalibility of thin ti rod - 01/28/17 01:17 AM

You might consider using aluminum welding rod. It weighs half as much as titanium and is plenty strong for your needs. All welding supply stores and likely Home Depot in the welding dept.