Homemade Potty Trowel

Posted by: 4evrplan

Homemade Potty Trowel - 04/23/16 12:04 AM

I made a "Deca Spades", albeit a very ugly one. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it will dig better than the plastic monstrosity I've been using. It's definitely a whole lot lighter and smaller. I meant to add the jimping along the spine of the handle like the designer did, but I forgot. Perhaps I'll get back to that
Posted by: aimless

Re: Homemade Potty Trowel - 04/23/16 12:45 PM

That should work just fine. For those like me who are less handy and want a cheap, effective, multi-use potty trowel, I'd recommend this:


It was $2 until recently. Now it is $2.50. Still pretty darn cheap and very sturdy. Can also be used as a tent stake.
Posted by: bobito9

Re: Homemade Potty Trowel - 05/19/16 12:57 AM

that could also double as a very helpful prison shank if you are ever caught up in a riot while doing time in the pen