Lost! Tent Fly

Posted by: trekkerman

Lost! Tent Fly - 11/15/14 12:36 PM

My son "lost" his fly to his almost new Mountain Hardware Archer II tent. Mt Hardware was no help. What are my options? Certainly in this Big Country there is someone, somewhere who specializes in replacing these kind of things.
Help! Got any ideas?
Trekkerman in Big Wyoming
Posted by: DJ2

Re: Lost! Tent Fly - 11/17/14 01:22 PM

You could see if John from http://www.bearpawwd.com/index.html could/would sew a new one for you.

My guess, however, is that a custom made fly would cost as much as the original tent. I think I'd be looking for a new tent on sale. This is a good time of the year to find good deals.
Posted by: BZH

Re: Lost! Tent Fly - 11/17/14 04:11 PM

I concur with DJ2. You could find someone to sew you a custom fly, but it would most likely cost more than a new tent.

You could try making one yourself if you are handy. I would first try to make a mock-up with painters cloth and tape. If you aren't a sewer (person who sews... not a network of pipes for collecting waste water), some fabrics can taped together too.