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Online Fabric Retailers - 06/11/14 01:08 PM

I'm about to order four yards of no-see-um mesh. Of course I want to get the best deal, but I also don't want to get ripped off, and I've found very limited information about the various sellers. Does anyone here have experience with the sellers below?
.77oz/sq yd black nylon
3.04 shipping
17.04 total
.96oz/sq yd gray only, material unknown
3.22 shipping
15.02 total
.9oz/sq yd black polyester
2.95 shipping
15.95 total
.87oz/sq yd black polyester
6.50 shipping
19.50 total

EDIT: I accidentally posted this before I finished authoring it. I'm not sure I even would have, as it was as much to organize my own thoughts as solicit input. C'est la vie, if you've got something to add, go for it.
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Re: Online Fabric Retailers - 06/11/14 01:23 PM

I'm going with

Moderators, feel free to delete this thread if you wish. I don't feel it really adds anything to the forum.
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Re: Online Fabric Retailers - 06/15/14 04:25 AM

I've used DIYGear a couple of times - great service, quick shipping.

I've heard good things about quest, but no first hand experience.
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Re: Online Fabric Retailers - 06/16/14 10:41 AM

I just got my order from, and I'm very pleased. It was a great price, fast shipping, seems to be very high quality, and they actually gave me a few extra inches of the zipper I ordered. I haven't measured the full length of the mesh yet, but it's slightly wider than the advertised 54".

I'll be ordering from them again if/when I have the chance.

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Re: Online Fabric Retailers - 08/11/14 03:13 PM is a great vendor!
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Re: Online Fabric Retailers - 10/22/14 09:24 PM

All of those vendors are fine. I've ordered noseeum mesh and other stuff from Quest before. I went the cheap route with their seconds/scraps. That was went on my first MYOG tarp to keep the skeeters at bay.