Fancy Feast Alcohol Stove

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Fancy Feast Alcohol Stove - 11/09/13 04:11 PM

To make this stove all you need is a can of fancy feast cat food from Walmart and a hole puncher. Alcohol stoves are ultralight stoves, usually homemade from aluminum cans, that burn denatured alcohol, Yellow HEET, grain alcohol, and even rubbing. I would recommend using denatured alcohol as it has a good heat output and can be found easily at any Walmart neat the home improvement section.

There are a lot of advantages to using a homemade alcohol stove rather than a commercial backpacking stove: weight, simplicity, reliable, quiet, odorless, fuel can be bought anywhere, little to no maintenance, and very low cost. It may take a little longer to boil water than other stoves, but what else do you have to do while sitting by your fire after a day’s worth of hiking? I would say spare a few extra minutes and save a few extra ounces.

If you want to see the full construction details and pictures check out the following link:
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Re: Fancy Feast Alcohol Stove - 11/10/13 12:26 PM

In general I find this link the best for helping people build this stove:
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Perhaps better known as Jim Wood's Super Cat stove

Be careful getting into DIY alcohol stoves. It is addictive. A vary good introduction is:

The ultimate manifestation of stovie addiction can be found in the sublime work of Tetkoba in Japan

Be warned!!!!!!!!!!