Need a quilt design

Posted by: orclwzrd

Need a quilt design - 10/01/13 10:31 PM

So I want to try and make a quilt. I'm going to use climashield apex from thru-hiker. Any suggestions on were to get good patterns or designs? I know I want a long to pull up around my head and a decent foot box. It will probably be a 20 degree or so quilt is what I'm thinking.

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Re: Need a quilt design - 10/01/13 11:20 PM
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Re: Need a quilt design - 10/02/13 06:20 AM

There are several quilt designs on the Make your own gear section of this site. Hopefully one will meet your needs.

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Re: Need a quilt design - 10/02/13 09:36 AM

The climashield part didn't click.

A kit from Ray Way comes with all materials and instructions, and even a doof with two left hands (me) can make a quilt with it.
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Re: Need a quilt design - 10/11/13 12:51 PM

So I'm thinking 5oz climashield APEX from thru-hiker. That looks like a 30F quilt. Anyone have any experience with that?

Also, I'm wondering drawstring footbox with omni-tape or sewn? I don't think I'll be taking this winter camping but pretty much any other time it will be the go to sleeping accomodations.

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Re: Need a quilt design - 12/05/13 11:20 AM

I used climashield 5 oz and 2.5 oz for my quilt. I was shooting for 20F. It has gone down that far and was warm. I don't know if I overshot or not, just that it at least goes that far.

Also, I didn't use APEX, it was the stuff that thruhiker had before APEX.
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Re: Need a quilt design - 12/05/13 11:50 AM

Thru-Hiker has, I believe, a quilt pattern or kit. They also are very happy to answer questions about their products--I've ordered a few things from them.