Custom length Therm-a-rest

Posted by: DaleInTN

Custom length Therm-a-rest - 12/11/12 09:09 PM

I was wondering if any of you have ever cut your therm-a-rest self-inflating pad down to fit your height and then re-seal it some how? I have a base camp and wish I could cut the length down to save weight. No sense carrying extra length pad around that I will never use. I know there are other pads that are lighter, but I don't have the money right now to spend on another one. I figure I would cut off about 10 inches, any ideas?
Posted by: finallyME

Re: Custom length Therm-a-rest - 12/12/12 10:07 AM

If you have a way to heat seal it, then you should be able to. I have never done it.
Posted by: jgs

Re: Custom length Therm-a-rest - 12/13/12 10:21 PM

I have modified a therm a rest with no problem. I left the mat out one time and when I returned something had decided to have it for lunch. The critter chewed on the sides right in the middle of each side areas. Both sides! I trimmed the areas picked off as much foam as I could to leave a 3/4" margin for gluing. Before gluing I used a scotch brite pad to clean any remining residue off. Next I took Seam Grip and applied to both sides and clamped the area with 2 wood strips. I also put wax paper on the nylon before clamping with the wood strips. Let dry for 48 hours, did a pressure test by over inflating and then layed on it for a length of time. Also checked in the tub filled with water. Worked like champ ever since. You could apply the same principle to modify your mattress. I have often though about tapering the sides in where you don't really need the support to save weight.
Posted by: DaleInTN

Re: Custom length Therm-a-rest - 12/13/12 10:37 PM

Thanks for the information! I may try that, I'm just a little scared to try it on a good pad. I will try to put my hands on a used one and see if it works for me. BTW, I called Therm-a-rest and they won't cut it and re-seal it for me. I figured I would call just to see what they would say. I am 5'8" and don't want to carry that extra length for nothing!
Posted by: Samoset

Re: Custom length Therm-a-rest - 12/14/12 12:35 AM

Have you consider getting a cheap closed cell foam pad! $6
Posted by: DaleInTN

Re: Custom length Therm-a-rest - 12/14/12 09:59 AM

Yes, I have one.... my back doesn't like it!
Posted by: GinAndClonic

Re: Custom length Therm-a-rest - 12/29/12 02:12 AM

Has anyone tried this using an Exped Syn Mat? Does it work??
Posted by: Samoset

Re: Custom length Therm-a-rest - 12/31/12 10:24 PM

Originally Posted By DaleInTN
Yes, I have one.... my back doesn't like it!
just checking , have you attempted to cut your base camp yet? If so what kind of results did you have?
Posted by: topshot

Re: Custom length Therm-a-rest - 01/23/13 07:02 PM

Not sure if the Base Camp material bonding is vastly different than the Neoair, but here is a video on how to reseal the latter. Several have done it with success but it does take the proper temp and practice wouldn't hurt. wink