Nylon Fabric for Bridge Hammock

Posted by: DieselTwitch

Nylon Fabric for Bridge Hammock - 09/11/12 11:03 AM

Im looking at starting my first DIY project in building a bridge hammock. But Im at a little bit of a lost as to what fabric will work best.

I plan on having a standard body of stronger fabric to support my weight and another layer quilt that can be installed for cooler days. I figure the quilt can be a light weight fabric being that it doesn't need to hold any weight. The rest will will be bug screen and ultra lightweight but water proof fabric. I may go for a rip stop on the fly.

Thanks for the support
Posted by: ETSU Pride

Re: Nylon Fabric for Bridge Hammock - 09/11/12 05:06 PM

Ripstop nylon is what I'm going to make my hammock with. Fabrics
I don't know your weight, but keep in mind on the weight of the nylon so it will support your weight. One layer of 1.1oz ripstop will support 200 pounds. If you weight more than that you need an extra layer of 1.1oz. You could also get 1.4 or 1.9oz ripstop. This website has a general idea on weight of nylon to support your body weight: Warbonnet

I would recommend using Silnylon for the tarp. I have a Silnylon that 132" long and 92" wide weighting 10oz.

The first link I showed you seem to have a lot of the materials cheaper than elsewhere I've been on the web.
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Re: Nylon Fabric for Bridge Hammock - 09/11/12 10:27 PM

Great sources, Thank you!

I think Im going to go with 1.9 for the main body just to make sure I don't end up on the ground in the middle of the night.

I will look in to the Silnylon
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Re: Nylon Fabric for Bridge Hammock - 09/12/12 11:03 AM

Also, Hammock Forum will have some plans for a bridge hammock in the DIY section. I comb that section a lot for planning my projects. I'm going make me a gather end hammock weighting 12oz and a under quilt for it. I just need buy the materials whenever I can get some extra cash to do so. I thought graduating would solve my restricted budget, but unfortunately you still get stuck in low wage high standard of living world for awhile. lol.
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Re: Nylon Fabric for Bridge Hammock - 10/05/12 09:51 AM

1.9 for the body is what I would recommend as well. Good luck and post pics when you are done. smile