test post/ugly jacket/pic heavy warning

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test post/ugly jacket/pic heavy warning - 11/13/11 08:27 PM

Test post is as follows:

Jacket pattern purchased at quilt shop.

Poking holes at pattern layout corners so I don't have to cut out pattern. (Note: I have pattern paper and tracing wheel, but did not use here)

Magic marker. Laying out and cutting back jacket liner. All marks done on hem allowance. Marker is only used to make dots, then connected by pencil.

Back sleeve seam. Again, saving the original pattern. Then I cut that line.

Transfer line.

Back neckline. Oddly, the sizes on the pattern start at 1X and run to 5X. As you will see, 1X on the body is too large by far, while I need to use the 5X sleeve pattern. I don't know what these sizes relate to in men's sizes.

Cut out with rotary knife. I will shed no tears over the small amount of drop.

The pattern is strange. While the neck and shoulders are ok, the side seam is too far forward. Tomorrow I will fix that and redo the back sleeve line. Also, cut the front liners, and the insulation batting. If time permits, I will cut the shell material (230 denier coated nylon coyote tan) baste the layers and quilt the back.

Also, I will alter the liner and shell, as I do not want seams at the top of the shoulder, as my pack straps will press on them. I will move the seams to the front and back with a pattern alteration.

The mandarin collar will stay.

That is all for today.

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Re: test post/ugly jacket/pic heavy warning - 11/13/11 08:41 PM

What are you making - a down jacket to go under your ACUs?
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Re: test post/ugly jacket/pic heavy warning - 11/13/11 09:00 PM

For the liner, I had a choice of blaze orange, digital camo, or charcoal, all in polyester. Or any bedsheet in the house. I may add a heavy mesh under the arms, I dislike the poly feel. The insulation will be poly batting. I am in the process of moving, and don't want to set up to blow down, although the quilting pattern would have allowed for that. The jacket is meant to be a medium weight hard shell (I will weigh it when finished) for hiking. I just haven't made a jacket before. This one is for testing, to see how much the coated nylon shell holds moisture inside the jacket, and because I haven't seen a jacket made DIY.
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Re: test post/ugly jacket/pic heavy warning - 11/18/11 03:42 PM

The liner, batting, and shell for the back. cut, hemmed, and ready to stitch together. Since PALS webbing is spaced at 1 x 1 1/2, I will follow that for the quilting, after I lay out the PALS pattern on the back piece. I have already learned that I would like a better way to hem the curve cuts. As it is, I cut notches on 1 inch spacing, folded and hemmed. Since the norm seems to be the front pieces layered over the back, I will follow that for the final assembly.