Cook Pot Cozy

Posted by: balzaccom

Cook Pot Cozy - 07/05/11 05:55 PM

Since my wife is a chef, she is always looking for ways to keep our freeze dried dinners warm while they re-hydrate. We don't want to use gas to keep them bubbling, but we also don't want to them get cold. We've used towels, fleece....but I finally created this masterpiece out of some old foam sleeping mat scraps. And it works way better than anything else we've tried!

The outer ring is held in place by pushing the pot up against a stone or log...and when not it use, it can also serve as a seat cushion or pillow.

And no, I don't have plans. If you need them, this project is not for you!
Posted by: frenchie

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/06/11 04:29 AM

May be one or two strips of velcro could keep it in place, when no rock grin!
Posted by: GDeadphans

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/06/11 01:30 PM

Nice, I did the same exact thing and it works excellent.

My room mate had an old foam sleeping pad that was just sitting around. We were in the dehydrating mode, and I realized I needed a pot cozy. Realizing my room mate had that unused sleeping pad and kindly asked if I could cut it up. He agreed and I made one for my Snow Peak 700. I used gorilla tape on the edges to keep it all together, which means it doesn't break down or anything...which further means its quite bulky carrying it around. I am trying to figure out a design to solve that problem. It would be nice to have it fold flat but I think that may be impossible....

Nice job though! DIY Projects are great.
Posted by: james__12345

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/07/11 12:50 AM

I've been thinking about the same idea. I was thinking either velcro, or making a sleeve out of silinylon that would hold the ring in shape. Figured the silinylon ring might be lighter than the velcro, and I'm just not that big a fan of velcro anyway. Its noisy and it clogs up too easy.
Posted by: DTape

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/07/11 07:23 AM

GDeadphans, why the need to fold it flat or break it down. I just pack it with my pot etc... inside it. Since they are designed to snugly fit the pot, this minimizes the pack space taken up by the ccf (or reflectix). One added benefit is this makes your pot an insulated "cooler" for first days out frozen/fresher items.
Posted by: balzaccom

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/07/11 09:31 AM

We pack ours wrapped around OUTSIDE our pot. Inside the pot is full with stove, bowls, lighter, tripod, etc. !
Posted by: GDeadphans

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/07/11 10:33 AM

I tried doing that. The problem I was running in to was with the pot cozy on, my pot did not fit in the pot bag.

But I just thought of something...

If I made it so the cozy was the actual pot bag....fastening the lid of the pot cozy down so it wont come off in transit, spilling my pot and all the contents inside......

Ahhh I like that a lot. Can't believe I never thought of that before.
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/07/11 01:28 PM

Have you tried using Bubble Foil?

I'd think it'd be lighter and just as, and possibly more, effective, and certainly lighter and more packable.
Posted by: Kent W

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/07/11 09:32 PM

I made my cozy out of a wall mart sleep pad. I glued in a bottom and glued the seam as well. Good Contact adhesive works excellent for this. I also glued a layer of extra Heavy duty tin foil on the inside prior to assembly ,to reflect heat! I am very happy with it even in cold weather! I store my grease can pot with a canister of fuel my stove and even pot grabber inside it!
Posted by: GDeadphans

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 07/07/11 11:03 PM

Ahhh. Good idea. We had a "hot bag" so to speak. A reusable bag with some sort of foil inside that is supposed to keep things hot inside. I think someone brought it home when they bought a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket. I cut it up and put it on the outside...but I think now I am going to put it on the inside. Seems to make sense that would work better.
Posted by: Diabetic4Life

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 10/11/11 12:54 PM

Here is a really simple way to make it flat. Instead of having one piece of the foam go around the pot, cut it in half. Now put your gorilla tape on both seams while they are flat on top of each other. Push the two taped areas together to "open" it and fit your pot inside. It might even be possible to make hinges in a sense for a lid and a bottom that would fold up against the sides. If this doesn't make sense let me know and I will make one up and post pictures. I have a spare foam pad around I could use.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Cook Pot Cozy - 10/11/11 01:15 PM

I rehydrate in freezer bags using Sarbar's cozies.

For rehydrating in a pot or a bowl, you can easily make cozies from Reflectix. Anti-Gravity Gear makes pot and Ziploc bowl cozies out of Reflectix, but you can make your own quite easily. They are lighter and less bulky than the blue foam.