updated version of the Eureka Timberline?

Posted by: thecook

updated version of the Eureka Timberline? - 12/19/09 11:54 PM

Lately ramdom thought of tents designs have been dancing through my mind. Has anyone thought of updating the vernerable Timberline with silnylon and carbon fiber poles. Because the frame uses straight poles under light compression from shot cords, it would seem ideally suited to carbon fiber, which, if I understand correctly, doesn't really like to be bent. By switching to lighter materials, downsizing, and dropping the back end, I would think you could create a much lighter tent but with all the good characteristic of the Timberline. Anybody interested in mocking up such a design?
Posted by: wwells

Re: updated version of the Eureka Timberline? - 05/02/11 07:38 PM

I have a 10 yr old (I think) Timberline 2. I recently tied up a 30' ridge-line with prusiks (similar to hammock/tarp rigging) and can now travel w/o the poles. I do live where trees are plentiful. For a description check out the whoopieslings.com site. That's where I got the idea.

I can go with or w/o the rainfly. If I want, I can drape the rainfly over the ridge-line to get the separation for the rain protection. I'm thinking of adding some no-see-um to the top of the tent material. The ventilation is sometimes lacking in the humid Southeastern summers.

Another option I have is using the rigging and only the rainfly as a tarp shelter.

You now have me thinking about using a longer rainfly to add additional coverage at the entrance of the tent.

Good luck on your project. (Tee Hee. I just realized the first post wasn't recent. I'm like that in conversation as well. Sometimes the conversation will have moved well beyond my upcoming comment. Such is my condition...)