Seam tape?

Posted by: Jandroos

Seam tape? - 09/13/09 09:18 PM

I'm considering having my company logo embroidered on a gore-tex pro shell jacket. Of course, this will defeat the wind/waterproofness for the embroidered area.

Is gore-tex seam tape( or its equivalent) something I can buy and use to seal the area on my own? Or do I need to find a professional to re-seal that area? If I need a professional, any recommendations?

Posted by: Paul

Re: Seam tape? - 09/13/09 10:13 PM

you should be able to seal it effectively using Seam Grip or something similar on the inside of the jacket.
Posted by: Eric

Re: Seam tape? - 09/18/09 10:57 AM

Yes you can buy seam tape. It can be applied with a household iron. Or you can use a liquid sealer. The tape is more permanent. Both are available at: Seattle Fabrics
Posted by: Rick

Re: Seam tape? - 09/28/09 05:58 PM

Penny, one of the moderators on this site is the only professional I know who would be capable of this type of alteration. There are probably others, but I would suggest her based on the excellaant work she has done for me.

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