dri-ducks pants blown out

Posted by: ttaboro

dri-ducks pants blown out - 09/11/09 12:23 AM

I have a set of dri ducks rain gear and the seat of the pants blew out the first time I wore them...luckily the jacket is still going strong.

So...I am wondering if there may be a use for the pants? I was thinking of trying to make some type of sock to wear in my hiking shoes in camp if they are wet from creek crossings. Sort of like a gore-tex sock. Not sure if this would be possible. Any ideas on this or any ideas on something else I could do with the ripped pants? Just didn't want to chuck them if they could be used.
Posted by: finallyME

Re: dri-ducks pants blown out - 09/11/09 09:29 AM

Rain chaps.
Posted by: JimM_PA

Re: dri-ducks pants blown out - 09/11/09 08:00 PM

Why don't you take some clear duct tape or clear plastic window tape and fix them?
Posted by: Roocketman

Re: dri-ducks pants blown out - 09/12/09 12:11 PM

You might be able to avoid this pant blowout by having more fiber in the diet. Works for me smile .

The material could be recut and sewn to make a rainhat.
Posted by: rot8tor

Re: dri-ducks pants blown out - 09/14/09 04:32 AM

FYI, I buy the large size. I am a 5'8" woman and I weigh 10 stone. I read about the trouser blow outs and made sure I had plenty of room. I wore the butt out doing a sitting glissade blush and patched it with disposable OR gown material and mefix which is a medical tape. It was good enough for a few more trips. People had told me it was the end of my pants but they were still good for trips where it wasn't raining, only windy.
Posted by: Spock

Re: dri-ducks pants blown out - 09/14/09 05:41 PM

Duct tape adds pinoche to any set of rain gear. Or leave them open for ventillation - like chaps.