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DIRTY GIRL GAITERS - 08/26/09 11:46 PM

Any good ideas how to keep the velcro strip on the back of your shoe?
I ended up using screws. mad
any other ideas?
Posted by: lori

Re: DIRTY GIRL GAITERS - 08/27/09 09:29 AM

The instructions say use epoxy, and it works great.

JB Weld, any home depot or hardware store. Or go to the dollar store - I found epoxy in a one-shot size for a buck.
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Re: DIRTY GIRL GAITERS - 08/27/09 09:38 AM

Gee, I just used the self-adhesive strips that came with the gaiters and the pieces are still attached two years and many miles later. I use Montrail Hardrocks and they have a smooth spot on the heel just under the logo to which the velcro sticks just fine. If you have mesh or something porous on the heel then do what Lori suggests; put a spot of epoxy on first.
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Re: DIRTY GIRL GAITERS - 08/27/09 10:00 AM

This is what I ended up doing.
It's held up so far!
The heels are kinda squishy on my shoes so it flexes a lot.
and eventually they start to peel off at the bottom.
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Re: DIRTY GIRL GAITERS - 08/27/09 12:50 PM

You could always stitch it on.
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Re: DIRTY GIRL GAITERS - 09/24/09 10:01 PM

Barge's cement and Duco Home contact adhesive both work pretty well. The trick is 1) clean surfaces thoroughly and 2) whack the velcro with a hammer to set the contact adhesive.
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Re: DIRTY GIRL GAITERS - 10/26/09 09:16 PM

Um, ah, how many feet do you have?