Anders Jonsson

Posted by: Rick

Anders Jonsson - 06/09/09 08:58 AM

This gentleman's website has been discussed here some time ago.

I notice that he has now provided Google translation. So much easier to follow his projects.

Thanks you Anders.
Posted by: acronym

Re: Anders Jonsson - 06/10/09 08:57 AM

"Is it safe to walk the ultralight? The answer is no!"
Posted by: finallyME

Re: Anders Jonsson - 06/12/09 02:41 PM

I like the "horny tent". crazy

I have been looking at that site for a while. It is a great site, and it is great that I can read it now. Thanks.

Posted by: Tango61

Re: Anders Jonsson - 06/14/09 12:49 AM

Ok, I give up. How do you get the Google translation to work.

I must be looking right at it and not seeing it.
Posted by: Rick

Re: Anders Jonsson - 06/14/09 07:42 AM

Click on the Union Jack at the bottom of the page. grin
Posted by: robi

Re: Anders Jonsson - 06/20/09 09:35 AM

union jack if ya want english... there are other langauges too.

i always had fun using the swedish original and NO i do not speak swedish,,, just used a dictionary and had fun....

anders site is great, no mtter what language it is in.

Posted by: Exploriment

Re: Anders Jonsson - 08/19/09 12:09 PM

That man is my hero.