Fabric question

Posted by: grinagog

Fabric question - 02/01/09 07:36 PM

Is supplex fabric downproof? I ordered some, and will no doubt find some use for it, but I was just wondering if anyone had worked with it before.
Posted by: Spock

Re: Fabric question - 02/02/09 12:24 PM

Downproofness depends on yarn density (thread count) AND on the grade of down you use. Real down - the 800+ cu.in. stuff - will work with fabric that is less dense because it has fewer quills to poke through. Lower fill-volume down needs tighter fabric.

In general, real Supplex (DuPont trademark) will hold 800+ down just fine. BUT, but why would you use fabric that heavy? Even if you put it on the inside of the bag (for comfort?) and used a lighter fabric for the outside, you will be adding 4 to 8 ounces to the weight of the bag (depending on what weight of Supplex you have).

Supplex has many good uses where abrasion resistance or cotton-like feel is desired. Hiking shorts or, if you insist, sleeping bags for car camping come to mind.

Remember, you will spend nearly $100 for enough good down. After that investment, why not use a quality, lightweight shell fabric such as Momentum from Thru-Hiker.com?
Posted by: grinagog

Re: Fabric question - 02/03/09 02:14 AM

The supplex was on sale when I was buying noseeum for a bivy, and I have down (not 800 fill, maybe 650) from an old coat and vest. I haven't made anything so complicated as a quilt/bag before, so I thought it might be nice to experiment without much money invested and make a little summer bag. Poor college students can't quite justify the lovely momentum, especially when I have a serviceable 3 season bag already.