An easy chair to construct

Posted by: chaz

An easy chair to construct - 12/31/08 10:41 AM

I have a hammock I can sit in but I would like another option. I'm interested in ideas that I can use my CCF ridgerest as a chair. I could fold it up and lean it against a rock or a tree, but whould like to know what some of you do without carrying an extra piece of equip. Seems that I spent a lot of time standing around a fire last trip. I don't like sitting on the ground.
Posted by: Jimshaw

Re: An easy chair to construct - 12/31/08 08:12 PM

If you are in snow, pack a berm, then carve out a chair and line it with your pad. The first time you sit in it you sort of throw yourself at it to shape the snow behind, then let it set up. Finally dig a spot for your feet to be lower than your hips.
Posted by: chaz

Re: An easy chair to construct - 01/01/09 08:46 AM

That's a great idea if I were snow camping. As a kid living in northern calif and Idaho, we used to do all kinds of fun stuff in the snow. Igloos, tunnels, etc. I remember helping my dad shovel snow off the roof and then jump in. I remember drifts of 7'. Oh and christmas trees, we would take the jeep out in the forest and my dad would top a tree for us.
Posted by: JAK

Re: An easy chair to construct - 01/03/09 09:41 AM

I think with practice a person could get quite good at lashing sticks together. If you hiked someplace where there was alot of available stuff, and used something biodegradeable like jute, you could make stuff, which would be a fun pass time within itself. I made a shelter for my daughter and her friends in my backyard just before christmas, by lashing up some branches of a fir tree, and lashing some walls together out of some maple poles I had cut in the summer. OK, its for me also. I slept out in it on December 30th. I need to get better at lashing. Its harder to do when its cold. Lots of fun.
Posted by: chaz

Re: An easy chair to construct - 01/03/09 06:50 PM

That's cool! When I was a Boy Sprout,(1960's),we would cut down saplings and small pine trees to build a "Nation of Sprouts". It was fun. But now with LNT and laws I don't wack trees anymore. I do have a bunch of Cane growing in my yard that I wack and make TeePees for the Kids to play in. I'll practice with that stuff. Isn't Marmot stuff made with it?
Posted by: froldt

Re: An easy chair to construct - 02/05/09 08:55 AM

I guess that I'm lazy, then, as I just use my hammock. If I am looking for a temporary seat (ie: hammock isn't set up) I just look for a convenient log or rock.
Posted by: Spock

Re: An easy chair to construct - 02/10/09 07:16 PM

Crazy Creek and others have made backpackers' chairs using a folded sleeping pad, 2 pockets, 4 stays, 2 adjustable straps. A UL version should be doable with Easton stays and trekking poles. Visit your local backpackers' emporium to see how you can rip the idea off.