windscreen like a trangia

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windscreen like a trangia - 12/04/08 04:20 PM

I don't normally care about stoves as my Trangia works just fine, but after a horidly windy outing, its got me thinking about a better wind screen. The Trangia windscreen is probably the best out there and I was wondering if anyone has tried to make one for the Mini.
In summary, the trangia has two parts. There are holes all around a lower form and holes in a central horizontal support, where the stoves sits, and an upper windscreen. So basically air has to go horoizontally through the holes in the bottom and then vertially through more holes before reaching the stove. Oxygen does this easily, wind does not.
I realize one solution is to get one of the stoves in the above link, but I do not have the money and already have a Trangia Mini.
Any ideas on how to replicate this. I have a concept but am curious if its been done arleady. I'm probably overthinking it as I alreay have two MSR windscreens and could just use one of those (assuming I pack it!!!)
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/04/08 04:25 PM

here is a better picture
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/04/08 07:34 PM

Hey, nice to hear that some else has the same question. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> There are several people who have tried to replicate it. Do a google search on Trangia stoves. Jim Wood (of the Supercat stove) has just come out with a new wind screen design that imitates the Trangia. The Clickstand limits the wind in a fashion somewhat like the trangia and there is an Austrailian who has come up with several different designs and has a great article on the physics of the trangia design. I believe there is also a design on instructibles that can be taken apart and rolled up but still keeps the burner off the ground and surrounded by holes like the trangia. None of those designs are quite what I am looking for and I keep tossing around ideas. Unfotunately, I haven't found a way to create a windscreen like the original trangias that is light weight, sturdy, and easily packable. I can get any two of the tree but not all three <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> So, if you find anything PLEASE post it here. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/05/08 04:43 PM

My idea was taking something like this and making it work. The hole drilled for the trangia would keep the top and botton together and then it would just be drilling the appropirate holes and making a pot support.
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/05/08 07:02 PM

Yeah, I keep toying with cutting up an old aluminum pot or scout mess kit. The problem I run into is that to get lighter than the trangia sets, I think you need to go to something like aluminum flashing and then how do you support the pot? (Trangia does by hanging the pot from the windscreen.) If you go with heavier aluminum, then you probably end up with the same weight as the Trangia in a stove that is not as effecient. Cheaper, but not as good.
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/06/08 02:01 AM

check this out:
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/06/08 05:26 AM

I use a pop can stove and a regular trangia. I built a screen out of aluminum flashing and copied the caldera cone. I sized it to a heine 24 oz can and built another to fit a cheap aluminum cook pot I sometimes use. I made an interlocking lip to fasten it together and roll it up and store it in the heine can for the trail.
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/06/08 01:02 PM

"light weight, sturdy, and easily packable" yeah that pretty much says it.

I've seen the caldera cone setup and it works very well, but doesn't pack all that well (there's things you can do, but it hasn't agreed with me). My brother loves his, but practically in the field he doesn't do any better than me.

Part of it is chosen by your pot .

Most of my time is spent with an anti-gravity-gear 3 cup pot. I use a penny alcohol stove. I use two
things for a windscreen.

1) I have a (solid) piece of aluminum flashing cut the same height as the pot, that fits inside. this is
then used as a small C shape (well, more of an O with a one or two inch opening) around the base of the pot. open on one end.

2) I use a piece of heavy aluminium foil, just like an MSR windscreeen. if you have an MSR windscreen
juse use that.

in heavy wind my setup looks like the short flashing screen, surrounded by the big tall MSR style piece of
foil. You don't need all them silly holes <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> the tall outside foil is left with a small opening at one side opposite the open C of the flashing. My outside foil is usually weighted down with whatever I pick up nearby.

it all fits inside my pot with the stove and wire stand. if I also put my cup in the pot I can't fit the foil
inside, and leave it out folded up in the bottom of my food bag. I only use the tall foil if it's good and windy. otherwise I just use the short piece of flashing.
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/11/08 04:05 PM

I use an aluminum flashing for my wind screen and I have cut two holes in each side of it and I stick two (2) tent stakes (extra ones) through the holes and the pot sits nicely right down into the wind screen. This I suppose makes it a two (2) function piece of gear. It not only is my wind screen but it also serves as my pot stand. Saved around six ounces doing that way...sabre11004...

The first step that you take will be one of those that get you there !!!!! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/12/08 07:03 AM

The perfect solution is a Caldera Cone stove for the mini Trangia. The mini has the best small fry pan, but the burner is not sized right for the pot. It is not a fuel efficient stove because the flame is too broad and the pot is too close.

I use about twice as much fuel with the min Trangia.

If there were enough demand Trail Designs would make a Caldera Cone to fit the mini Trangia.
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/12/08 10:50 AM

When I tried that, I had problems with the windscreen getting too hot and deforming. It got to the point where It wouldn't support the pot anymore even though I had used roof flashing. How do you avoid this?
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Re: windscreen like a trangia - 12/12/08 11:43 AM

move the flashing further from the burner or pot.