Sheath for Loppers, LW & Quick Draw

Posted by: just_another_Joe

Sheath for Loppers, LW & Quick Draw - 11/16/08 05:43 PM

For volunteer trail maintenance, I need easy access to loppers/long handled brush cutters, but hoping to avoid taking the pack off every time I need to grab them. With a LW overnight pack, I could work while wearing the pack.

If removing the pack for each lopper use, they do fit with the cutters down in the exterior, elastic laces on most LW packs.

Thank you for your suggestions.
Posted by: Spock

Re: Sheath for Loppers, LW & Quick Draw - 11/18/08 05:48 PM

Small loppers are easier to manage than large ones. I keep mine on a simple belt loop. Just drop one handle through the loop. They ride just fine and are instantly accessible without removing my pack.

I prefer the 15" Fiscars "Power Gear Anvil Loppers, model number 7972. I've used them extensively for cutting roots down in the gravel of trails. They still cut like new after lots of heavy abuse. And they weigh only about 13 ounces, and handle limbs up to about 1.25". They also make an 18" model that will handle 1.5" material.
Posted by: just_another_Joe

Re: Sheath for Loppers, LW & Quick Draw - 11/29/08 09:11 PM

Fiskars makes UL 15" loppers, all plastic except for the blade. They cut great. $23 at Home Depot. Problem solved.